Are you planning to study in Australia? Well, it could be the best decision of your life. Why? Read on to know the many benefits of studying in Australia.

Australia is a beautiful island known for its geographical anomaly, extensive fauna and flora, and distinct urbanization. In recent years, it has gained fascination as the most favoured destination for international students than the USA and UK. Further, the current administrative restrictions for foreign students in the USA has significantly shifted the interests of Indian students to Australia for higher studies.

Benefits of Studying in Australia

With manifold benefits of studying in Australia, there has been a rise in the number of Indian students in the last few years. Let’s take a look at what the numbers have to say:

According to the statistics by Rod Hilton, the Deputy High Commissioner of Australia in India, over 68,000 Indian students moved to Australia for studies in 2017. The numbers indicated a 14% rise than the previous year (2016). (source)

Further, the number of Indian student enrollment in Australia increased by 39% in 2019. With this, India becomes the second-largest group of foreign students studying in Australia after China. (source)

So, what makes Australia the top destination for international students?

Let us know more…

Benefits of Studying in Australia for Indian Students – An Overview

There are several benefits of studying in Australia. Students get global exposure, a strong statement for CV and better exposure to cultural diversity.

There are many high-ranking universities in Australia, which offers a variety of courses. Since the Australian government generates good revenue from international students, it takes a keen interest in offering the best educational facilities. Moreover, with Indian students making up a good chunk, Australian universities tend to make utmost efforts to attract more of them. Also, students can expect good governance for a majority of higher education institutes here.

The Australian government also has special provisions for Indian students when it comes to jobs and scholarship opportunities. Indian students can opt for full-time or part-time jobs as per their needs. Hence, students can manage their finances and take care of their living expenses to an extent.

Apart from all this, Australia boasts a number of beautiful cities and places to explore. Students can take a break and travel to exotic beaches that the country is famous for. Also, with a strong presence of Asian community, Indian students will feel at home, regardless of where they are located.

How will studying in Australia benefit your future?

1. Getting World-Class Education

Australia is home to some of the world’s leading universities including the University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, Monash University, and more. Also, since Australian qualifications are recognised globally, graduates of these universities get wings to go anywhere in the world for employment or higher studies. It becomes easier for students to work with many reputed Multinational organizations situated in any corner of the world. But why is this so? Most of the universities keep on updating their courses based on the evolving industry standards. This ensures that learning of the students is up to the mark.

The education system in most of the Australian universities and institutions are regulated by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) authorized by the Australian government. Having a nationally standardised system ensures quality education and helps students pursue their education smoothly. With AQF guidelines, students studying in Australia can easily transfer their credits or shift between different institutions and study levels.

For more information on the AQF framework, click here:

2. Scholarships for Indian Students for better finances

studying in australia benefitsExpenses are the first thought that pop-up in your head when it comes to studying abroad. But this is no more a concern with Australian education.

Besides getting a world-class education, Australia offers many scholarships to Indian students for education and training purposes. These scholarships come as a boon for Indian students in Australia, particularly if they are fully-funded. This means all your expenses including your tuition fees, living expenses, and every other thing you might need for your education will be paid fully by the scholarship host. These scholarships are granted based on merits and a few more criteria.

Here’s a list of scholarships you can apply for if you are graduating from Australia:

Australian Awards (AA):

Research and study awards are offered to the students from the Asia Pacific region, including India. For application forms and details, refer to

Endeavour Awards:

It is a merit-based scholarship program by the Australian Government that offers opportunities for the students of the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

Postgraduate Awards:

Scholarships for students at postgraduate or PhD level.

Research Awards:

Scholarship opportunities for postdoctoral research or research towards a Master’s degree.

Vocational Education and Training Awards-

Scholarship programs for students doing an advanced diploma, diploma or associate degree.

Apart from these, many institutes also offer various scholarships under their name. Get complete details at .

3. Earn While You Work – Benefits of studying abroad in Australia

Indian students graduating from Australia can manage their expenses and maintain a standard of living by working part-time or full-time. With Australia’s Earn, while you Learn Policy, international students with a student visa can work for 20 hours a week alongside their courses. Moreover, during an official break, students can also work full-time i.e. 40 hours a week.

Recently, the Australian Government has also announced that Indian students with a stay of more than 12 months are eligible to access their Australian superannuation. This amendment for Indian Overseas students is made to help students facing a financial crisis. (Source).

Hence, now every individual with a student visa in Australia has the basic work rights including superannuation and a minimum wage, breaks and holidays, and a healthy and secure work environment. (Source)

By working part-time alongside studying, you can not only free yourself from the worries of your fees and living expenses but can also live your life freely. You can use this income in travelling, exploring places, pursuing your passion, and even saving for the future. Having a satisfactory income can boost confidence in you.

4. Post Work Permit Policy

Foreign students who have completed a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree are eligible for a Post-Study Work permit as per the guidelines by the Australian Government. With a Temporary Graduate visa, such students are allowed to stay back in Australia temporarily to gain practical experience working in their field.

Further, the recent modifications in the Post Work Permit Policy, exclusively for the Indian students is a real boon. With the number of Indian students increasing in Australia and helping the country earn high, the Australian Government has increased Post Work Permit Policy to up to four years. (Source)

Further, getting a permanent resident permit (PR) in Australia is not as difficult as it is in the USA and UK.

5. A Safe, Home-like Environment

Often students moving to a foreign land worry about their safety. Being in an entirely new environment with no known faces seems threatening to them. Well, the good news is, Australia is a safe country with a very low crime rate. Hence, the safety index in Australia is 58.34 which is much higher than other international education destinations like the US, UK and Canada. (Source)

And why not? Most of the cities in Australia are cosmopolitan with people being welcoming and very warm to outsiders. Also, the government here is open to all nationals and fosters a strong cultural diversity.

benefits of studying in regional australia(source)

Benefits of studying in Australia than other nations

  • Access to a student visa is easier as compared to the USA or UK.
  • With the UK and USA turning hostile towards IT professionals, Australia has emerged as the destination for studies in multiple disciplines. (source)
  • Australia enjoys a low unemployment rate and a strong economy. Hence, it is a good option for students wanting to build their career abroad. (source)
  • Australia offers a higher standard of living than any other countries with the most liveable cities like Melbourne and Sydney. (source)

Before You Pack for the Oz Land

Here are a few things for you to know:

1. Simplified Paperwork Procedure – Benefits of studying in Australia for International Students

Unlike countries like the USA and UK, preparing for the Visa application is easy in Australia. The Australian government has simplified the process for all international students to an extent. The government considers all visa applications under one category – Student Visa (Subclass 500), irrespective of the course one opts for. Also, it is easy to get guidance in case you get stuck from student support staff. They are familiar with procedures and offer whatever guidance you need. (source)

2. Choose your Study Location Carefully

First thing, Australia is not as small as it appears on the World Map. It is huge. Hence, often it gets difficult to choose the right place to study. Usually, it depends on the personal preference of the students. Some prefer living in a city while others prefer a rural setup. Some like to spend their time on beaches while others prefer the bushes. Students also prefer choosing study location based on their academic field. For instance, if you have opted for marine biology, then Perth is the right place for you. But if you are a business major, studying in Sydney may be a better fit. Do your research prior to choosing your location and university.

3. Keep your Health in Check

Make sure to get your health package, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), on your Visa. This is a must-have package for every International student going to Australia. The package is a precautionary measure to help students with potential expenses, in case of any health issues during their stay. Therefore, choose a package that is right for you and find an emergency centre and hospital near to your accommodation. (Source)

4. Unique Grading Systems

Australian universities follow an entirely different Grading System. They use alphabets to grade students’ work. However, their meaning and success ratio are different. The common grades Australian education system use are: HD for High Distinction, D for Distinction, P for Pass, Cr for Credit and F for Fail. (source)

5. The Flipped Seasons

It is also important to know that the location of Australia in the southern hemisphere makes it a land with upside-down seasons. This means that the seasons in Australia are opposite to those in the US and Europe. For instance, if you are flying in the summers of Northern Hemisphere, it will be winter in Australia. When people in Wales would be wearing winter coats, you would likely be basking on the beach in Toronto.

Please note here that it might get cold during winter months (July and August) in many corners of Australia. Hence, get as much information about the city you plan to go and pack your stuff accordingly. (source)

6. Open a Bank Account

Students who are going to Australia for a semester or more should open an Australian bank account. It will help you avoid the transaction fees you’d likely to incur drawing out money with your home bank. This would help you save your money, though a little bit. Also, some Australian bank accounts have a decent interest rate. This would be of extreme help for students who decide to take on some part-time work.


The benefits of graduating in Australia are varied. It depends on the personal preferences of every student what matters to them the most. Be it exploring the largest and the most beautiful island, or getting a quality education with utmost benefits, Australia has got everything to offer.
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