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Communication is the starting point of any new relationship or venture. Especially in professional life/career, communication is the key that decides if you can make it or not. The sheer skill of interacting with people is so essential in this modern world where we interact with numerous people as part of our job or studies. And if you want to ace your business communication skills, you need to take a business communication course. And that’s exactly what we have in store for you.

Mindmine Global’s Business communication course does just that. Communication skills can play up your game with clients, enhance your rapport with colleagues and create a positive impression of yourself. Business communication is a universal course that is required for any student/professional who is working in a corporate environment. It is an important skill for professionals in engineering, accounting, finance, medicine, journalism, architecture and IT firms.

Business communication course

Here we discuss what business communication is and the various types of communications you encounter in a professional space. Business communication can be formal or informal. it encompasses all types of interactions from face to face, phone call, e-mail or even issuing a memo. The communication ladder can be classified as below:

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Internal upward communication

Internal communication is the interaction that happens at the organisation. Internal upward communication refers to the interaction between a subordinate and his senior. The flow of communication here is from a subordinate to a senior is called upward communication. Upward communication keeps the work flowing smoothly in a company. They are usually in the form of completed tasks, reports, surveys, etc that are reviewed by the senior.

Internal downward communication

This communication is just the reverse of internal upward communication. It is by the seniors to the subordinates. They are mainly instructions, letters, memos, or directives. The aim here is to instruct or inform the subordinates of the agenda of the organization so that he complies with it throughout his work.

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Internal lateral communication

This is a horizontal communication where the information is exchanged between co-workers in an organization. These may refer to the cross-department conversation, planning and ideation between divisions in a company or plain internal communication within a department.
Horizontal communication is the medium that helps convey information, sort out clarification, and even provides status updates of ongoing work. It helps in the coordination of work across different platforms.

External communication

This is a very important category where business communication is very essential. Any communication between the office and any external agency is called external communication. It can be a phone call to the client, a letter sent to a client, a message to a customer, a presentation to prospective partners or marketing communication.

The goal here is to preserve and build your company’s reputation and impress clients. A good conversation is the start of any great endeavour.

It is clear that a professional with good communication skills is an asset to the company. It can be your key to progress up the corporate ladder easily. A good communicator can work his way around the toughest clients and get them our side. Business is all about the knack to convince people and great communication does exactly that.

Digital communication

Nowadays, much of our communication happens online and therefore there is an enhanced frequency with which we communicate. Online communication includes interactions through emails, social media messages, messenger applications, video calls, etc.

Online communication also has rules and guidelines that are different for each platform. One of the things to keep in mind in online communication is to be more careful than usual because every digital conversation has a history. Therefore approaching it with courtesy and thoughtfulness is encouraged.

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Objectives of the business communication course

You may be excellent at what you do in your field of work, but that won’t cut it in today’s scenario. Soft skills, especially communicative ones, are necessary along with your technical knowledge. It is important for employers to understand, interpret and reciprocate the instructions of work. This is where business communication becomes vital.

So, how does Mindmine Global help you perform better in your professional field?

Business Communication

One needs to know about the fundamentals of communication. Mindmine Global aims to identify and teach you the core principles of cross-cultural communication, an essential requirement for international managers. We equip you to assess your own business communication skills and look for where you need to improve.

Barriers to communication

In conversation, there are specific barriers like language, jargon and ethnicity that might hinder communication. These are addressed in our course and solutions are taught to the students.

Critical management competencies

The course also discusses the skills required for managerial workers while interacting with fellow staff and employees.

Understanding the audience

You may be good at speaking English, but one has to speak so as to convey an idea to your audience. For this, you have to understand your audience’s level of knowledge and what he expects from you. This is a key practical lesson to be learnt.

Communication in different cultures

Different cultures have different styles and idiosyncrasies, and one has to be accommodative of the same. In business scenarios, it is best to know a little about the culture of the county that you are travelling to beforehand so that you are not flustered by variations in communication.

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Presentation Skills

This has to be a challenging one. Here you learn to present your ideas in front of a larger audience, especially an international one. The course at Mindmine Global takes you through the characteristics of successful presenters, the ways to plan, prepare, and execute presentations. We will also walk you through handling questions and encouraging a healthy interaction.

The student also gets to practise presentations where we will assist you if you face problems in being nervous, modulating your voice and grabbing the viewers attention. Our course tells you how to employ visual aids, manage time and use body language as a useful communication tool.

Business communication skills course

Let us explore the essential skills to hone to shine in a business environment. You must remember to gauge your abilities in each of the following sections to know your scope for improvement.

Effective Oral Communication

Mindmine Global’s course on international business communication aims to teach you the key elements of effective oral communication. It is the first skill you need to assert your authority as a skilled person in the workforce. Oral communication skills include Telephone conversation skills and how to engage in Productive business meetings.

Writing Skills

One cannot ignore writing skills as in the business world as you will need to constantly draft letters, proposals and in house communication notices. Strong business writing skills will be essential for seamlessly communicating in the workspace. This includes learning to draft and convey messages in email, letter writing, scripting winning proposals and effective report writing.

Planning & Negotiating

An essential skill in real-life workplace situations is planning & negotiating.
Our course provides a comprehensive guide to the language to be used and strategies for successful negotiations. It delves into negotiation in both formal and informal setting and identifying and resolving customer issues post negotiation. We further teach you to evaluate and compare services, how to approach the planning of a business event using these negotiation skills. You will also finally be writing an announcement for the event.


This course talks about the vocabulary and skills required when participating in a meeting. You will familiarise with terms and phrases used in email and as well as speaking in person, to arrange, participate, and conclude meetings. We aim to enable you to participate effectively in real-time meetings, conference calls and teleconferences and prepare proposals that are the outcome of a meeting.

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This forms the essence of communication. With the networking module, you will learn vocabulary and customs that reflect in socialising and networking in English. We aim to enable you to talk to business persons in person, over the phone and email, keeping a professional tone. The course will also evaluate your current proficiency in business English communication and provide insights about yourself for improved learning.

Business English communication course in Delhi

You must be wondering why you need a business communication course? Our course aims to breakdown some basics that are essential for you to master to pursue a profession in India or abroad. Business communication course helps you to tackle the following issues:

Avoid misunderstandings

These can be time-consuming and can cost you money. Misunderstandings in communication may be due to the language barrier, unfamiliarity with the local dialect or linguistics. Sometimes these mistakes can even be offensive and damage the reputation for your firm. A good communication strategy in place can drive business collaboration by building rapport and trust between the two parties.

Work as a team

Any workspace conversation has to be a two-way street. You cannot dominate discussions and meetings even if you know more about it. You need to pace yourself and give space for others to voice their opinion to have a smooth and fruitful interaction. Streamline what you’re attempting to say and make it as crisp as possible. It also boosts team performance by greatly improving internal communication.

Improve Listening Skills

Business communication is also about listening. We usually tend to tune out when others are talking, thereby missing on key information. Actively participating by listening is the way to a productive conversation.
This is why you need the right communication and collaboration tools to excel in your workspace. Mindmine’s Business communication course helps you mould your skills to make you the perfect fit for your company.

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Why Business communication course at Mindmine Global?

Our Business Communication course encompasses the following topics to give you a wholesome learning experience.

Handling the English language

Explore the use of conversational as well as formal and business English. Even though English isn’t our first language, it finds use aplenty in a corporate environment. The language is also essential when you are travelling for studies or work at international locations.

Multicultural Communication

Specialised modules such as multicultural environment management and intercultural outlook on communication deal with the cultural aspect of working in different countries and how to handle them correctly. Our course gives directions on how to communicate information, ideas and voice arguments well. These can be orally, virtually or in writing which is addressed in our specialized training.

IT skills

The course also outlines IT skills to complement your studies, thereby making you more attractive to employers in the future. This is a very important skill. If you are an engineering graduate and can’t figure out how to connect your computer to the projector that would be a shame. We aim to bridge this gap between technical knowledge and real-world know-how.

We encourage the growth of analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Managers, project leads and senior professionals especially benefit from this part of our course.

Online courses for a Business communication course

Can’t find the time to pursue your course full time? We have you covered. Mindmine Global offers online classes for our business communication course. All you have to do is register for the online course, and you can attend to it from your home at your own pace.

Our tutors have streamlined the syllabus to suit your needs and to give you the best results in a short time. You can be assured of individual attention from our professors and subject matter experts, who are the best in the industry. If there is any task that you need assistance in, you can contact our staff, and we shall sort out your problems right away.


Our course in Business communication course at Mindmine Global is aimed at equipping professionals with the most important skill in a corporate environment, communication. Our course, unlike other coaching methodologies, keeps your knowledge of the subject in mind and recommends modules that best suit your abilities and working environment.

Our flexibility with the courses and timing makes it easy for you to get your soft skills right along with your technical studies and professional certificate courses. You will also earn a verified certificate of completion of your Business communication course at the end of the term.

If you are still unsure, let us remind you that “Communication works for those who work at it.” By John Powell. Practice and only practice will get your soft skills flowing effortlessly. Enrol with us today and take the first step to a great career.