The visa processing time will vary depending on the fact that from which country the applicant is applying for the Canadian permits for studying. Each and every nation has its own processing time. It also depends on how many applications received for the study permit for a particular semester. To know the complete process of Canada study visa processing time please read further.

The Time It Will Take To Process The Study Permit Application?

Well, the processing time varies. It will depend on the type of application the applicant submits.

So for students, it is advisable to apply for the same as soon as possible. Students who have applied or are planning to apply can track the status of the application online on a proper government-affiliated website. Tracking the progression of the application is very necessary.

Canada study visa processing time in India

Canada always remained a favourite for Indian students. The Canadian government welcomes its international students with open arms. Due to the easy and immigration policies, Indians love to visit or study in Canada.

International students who are from India have to get a Study Permit first. According to new rules passed in 2018, the SDS program cuts down study permit processing time to within 45 days, as opposed to 60 days earlier.  Students from India, China, Vietnam and Philippines who can prove their academic qualifications and show that they have the requisite financial back up to study in Canada can opt for the Student Direct Stream or SDS program.

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (which is their immigration department), the new rules formulated in June 2018 say that students applying for post-secondary courses(college education) are eligible for the SDS program at all designated learning institutes(DLI).

Once a decision has been made for the visa application the applicant will receive a notification of being selected via an email and will be asked to submit the passport through a Passport Request Letter. If the student is unaware of emails from IRCC getting delivered to him or her then it is advisable to check the CIC account periodically for updates.

After receiving the Passport Request Letter, it is advisable to submit the original passport along with the Passport Request Letter at the Visa Application Centre.

Study visa for Canada processing time

You can apply to study in Canada as an international applicant and can also extend the study permit and find out about the working while you are studying or after you graduate from any institution.

The Canadian study visa processing time depends on the county from which an applicant is applying for the study permit. Countries from Asia are known to process the visa application within a short span of time while countries from Europe or Africa may take two to three months.

Canada study visa process from India

The Government of Canada provides a chance to all the Indian students to study in the nation but as a pre-requisite, the student will have to obtain a study permit along with a Temporary Resident Visa or TRV.

This cannot be called as a Visa but a permit or an official document issued by the Department of Canadian citizenship and Immigration which will allow the applicant to study in Canada. If the applicant holds a Study Permit then he or she must remain enrolled and make reasonable and timely progressions towards completing the study course.

Along with the Study Permit, the applicant also needs a Temporary Resident Visa or TRV for the entry in Canada. Every student should take note that a study permit is an official document that will allow the applicant’s entry in Canada and a TRV is a visa which will allow the student to enter the country.

Documents needed for the study permit

To apply for the study permit the student will need the following:

  • A travel document or a valid passport.

The Student also needs to prove the following:

  • Prove that the student has made the payment of the fees.
  • Living expenses and any family members who will accompany the student in Canada.
  • Stay like a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and not become a risk to national security.
  • The student may also need to provide a certificate from the police.
  • Applicant must be in good health and may need to provide a complete medical examination report.

The Indian Student might have to appear for a personal interview session at the Canadian Embassy or the Consulate in the country. Student can financially support himself or herself and any accompanying members, the student will be asked to provide the following:

Documentation for Canada study visa

  • Documents of a Canadian Bank Account in the student’s name if any money has been transferred to Canada.
  • Documents of the student education loan from the financial institution.
  • The written statements of the bank.
  • A bank draft made in a currency which is convertible.
  • The proof or the document of the tuition and the accommodation fees.
  • A letter for the institution or the person providing the funding.
  • The proof of the funding paid within Canada if the student has a scholarship or enrolled in a Canada based educational program.

What is SDS?

As an Indian applicant, you can get your study permit faster by using the Student Direct Stream or SDS. If the student chooses SDS, he or she may need some additional documents in this case.

How to apply for the visa online?

You will have to apply for the student visa online- the CIC official website. The student needs to apply up to three months before the intended date of travel to Canada. Always remember that your application date is the date when your application fee is paid. However, the online application may take a little bit of time.

Study permit fee

Being an applicant from outside Canada, the Indian Student needs to pay $150 as the visa fee.

Requirements for the English Language

To grab the Canadian visa the student will have to provide evidence of being proficient in the English Language. Well, this means that the applicant needs to pass and secure English Language test to be able to prove his or her communication and correspondence skills.

IELTS or The International English Language Testing System is the largest part of popular global high-stakes English Language skill test for study, immigration, and work, with a million takers in the world.

About the illegal immigration, refugees and Canadian citizenship

The IRCC department of Canada deals with the issue of immigration, refugees and Canadian refugees. The policy of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) efficiently deals with the issue of unlawful settlements within the country, so that real students can remain safe and in good condition in Canada.

Canada being the hotspot of global education

Canada was always a hotspot for getting a quality education for international students. The country always welcomed international students whole-heartedly and with full of warmth. The people are full of hospitality and are welcoming. Initially, you as a student may get some cultural shock, but slowly you will get accustomed by their style of leading their daily life.

The universities rank high when it comes to quality education. Canada has become the preferred destination for students from all over the world. Canada proves to provide a world-class education in a safe and welcoming environment at an affordable cost.


After applying for the visa, the student must regularly check the official site to stay informed. The applicant should also visit the visa office once every few days to check the proceedings.

The person accompanying the student to Canada should also be aware of the Canadian rules and regulations.

Going for higher education in a different country is a big change in your life. Getting quality education from a reputed University in Canada will help you to establish yourself in life. The Canadian government has simplified the overall visa process to a great extent. You don’t have to wait for an extended period of time.

Before starting off with the visa proceedings, you should take note of the entire process involved in the same. Online research will help you get an idea of the entire process. Your behavior and sense of civility will help you to extend your visa in the future.