The Government of Canada provides an opportunity to all the Indian students to study in the country but as a pre-requisite, the student needs to obtain a study permit and TRV or Temporary Resident Visa. In order to understand the Canada study visa requirements please read further.

The study visa is a document issued by the CIC department, the department for Citizen and Immigration. This allows the student to study and stay in the country. If the student holds a study visa, he or she must remain enrolled and make reasonable and good progression towards finishing the course.

Along with a study visa, the student will also need a TRV or Temporary Resident Visa for entry in Canada. Take note that the study permit is an official document that will allow you to study in Canada while a Temporary Resident Visa is a visa that allows you to enter the country. Get in touch with a reputed counselor or read more to learn more!

Canada study visa requirements after graduation

Eligibility Requirements

  • Are enrolled at a pre-selected learning institution or DLI.
  • Can show proof that he or she has enough money to pay for tuition fees, living expenses, and any family members who will accompany to Canada.
  • Living expenses for the family and the student who will stay.
  • Return transportation for the family and the student who will arrive in the country.

Additional Requirements

  • The student will have to obey the law.
  • Applicant should not have any previous criminal record
  • The student should not be a security threat to the country.
  • In some cases, the student will have to provide a police certificate to the authority.
  • Applicant should be in good health and be mentally sound.
  • Some may need to provide a complete medical exam.
  • The student will have to convince the immigration officer that you leave Canada at the end of your studies.

The Documents Needed for the Visa Applications

The student should apply for the Canadian student visa to study in Canada after getting or receiving a Letter of Acceptance from College. You should start with the visa process around the time of June if aiming at the September intake. The following documents are needed for the application process:

Valid Passport

The student needs to hold a valid passport to for the study visa. Canadian High Commission mentioned that the student needs to hold a passport with a validity that will extend to cover the intended stay in the country.

Acceptance Proof by a designated Learning Institution

The student should also hold the letter of acceptance from the University Institute that he or she is planning to attend. A Chosen Learning Institute will be the University which is recognized by the Department of Immigration.

Proof of Funds

When applying for the study visa, the applicant will have to show the proof of funds from a bank account. According to the present rules and regulations, the student will have to prove that he or she is having enough funds to pay for the tuition fees, as well as can take care of the living expenses. According to the Canadian Immigration department, a student will have to afford at least the amount of Canadian $10000 fix every year of the staying period.

While filling the application form

The student will have to show the proof of fees paid as well as the predetermined cost for the living, which is CAD 10000. If the student is applying for any bigger and reputed University, then the cost will be at least CAD 11000 for every single year of staying.

Passport Sized Photos

If the student opts for the offline application then he or she needs two passport-sized photos that will conform to the given standards. For the online variation, the student must acquire a digitalized copy of the photos, and it should not be more than 4MB.

IME or Immigration Medical Examination

The applicant will have to book a checking up session and visit the listed doctors for a clear medical examination. The panel of physicians will perform a full medical exam and may refer you for a chest X-Ray and lab tests.

Band Requirement for Canada study visa

The SPP was created in partnership between the ACCC or Association of Canadian Community Colleges and CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada. SPP stands for Student Partner Program. It is an arrangement between few Canadian Educational Institutions and the Canadian High Commission in India.

If you are a student, then you have to apply for the SPP program separately and also needs to apply to a participating college and if the application meets the specific criteria you will be considered eligible for the program.

Eligibility for applying under the SPP program

  • For Under Graduates- IELTS exam score- 6.0 and the band should not be less than 5.5 issued in the last two years.
  • For Post Graduates- IELTS exam score- 6.5 and the band should not be less than 6.0 issued in the last twenty-four months.

English language proficiency is a strong criterion that needs to be met in order to study in Canada. IELTS is a test that is given by the applicants to prove their English Language proficiency to study further in Canada.

All Universities and Colleges from Canada accept the IELTS scoreboard to analyze the applicant’s ability and eligibility to read, write, speak, and most importantly English. The requirement of IELTS score is discarded in case the applicant has passed out from a reputed institution and has given his papers in English.

Canada study visa requirements from India

Being the world’s one of the most favorite student destination, Canada is undoubtedly one of the best places to continue with higher studies. Students from every corner of the world come down at and get admitted to some reputed universities in Canada.

Canada has become great for studying for the Indian students and has attracted thousands of students annually. Canada provides a huge place for higher education and is recognized globally.

For Indian Students, the country has become a hotspot because of the following reasons:

  • Ground-breaking and copious research opportunities
  • An affordable education system
  • The immense immigration possibilities
  • An exciting campus lifestyle
  • Safe and healthy communities

Documents required for Canada study visa

  • Valid Passport
  • A payment proof
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Visa and study permit
  • High English proficiency
  • The University you are planning to appear for may assign you to submit some additional proofs. So consult them in addition

After the student graduates

  • The Canadian government provides ways to encourage Indian graduates to stay and attain work experience. Or otherwise, contribute to Canada’s economy and culture.
  • To retain international students- here the Indian students, the Canadian IRCC operates a Post-Graduate program to get Work Permit.
  • Under the above-mentioned law, Indian graduates may attain an open permit for work for up to three years.
  • This will enable the Indian student to work for any Canadian employer in any industry without the need for a Canadian offer letter for a job at the time of applying.

Canada study visa requirements

You have to bring some regular documents along with some additional documents.

  • You need a study permit from the Canadian Citizenship and the Immigration that permits an international student to study in the country.
  • Students have to register and fill the application form online and send it to the respective University to register the document.
  • The students need a complete application for a study permit if a person’s common-law partner or dependent children will accommodate you him or her. The applicant needs to attach their application forms and their marriage and birth certificates also.
  • Students need the complete accompanying form for each of the applicants who are under 18 or above.

Additional special information when you apply for a study visa:

  • The College or University for which you have applied agreed to grant you the admission.
  • One has to prove that one can bear all the expenses of education, residence along with other necessities.
  • An official document from the police is important in order to verify that the applicant is not involved in any criminal record.
  • The candidate should be healthy and if the medical examination calls the candidate unfit, and then will not be sent.
  • The applicant will have to convince the visa officer that after completion of studies he or she will leave Canada.
  • You have to pass the English Language test conducted by an authorized agency.

Canada study visa IELTS requirements

For the majority of universities, the minimum IELTS needed is 6.5. The minimum IELTS band requirement for Canada is 6.5 with no band less than 6.

A requirement of IELTS to study in the Country:

  • For the Masters, the minimum overall score should be 6.5 and 6 in each of the categories.
  • For the Bachelors, the minimum overall score should be 6 and 5.5 in each of the categories.

The University of Toronto accepts applications for the Under-graduation level with a minimum score of IELTS 6.5 with no band level below 6.0.

Requirements of study visa for Canada

Universities in Canada are preferred by more than 130000 international students. Most of the international students come from South Asia. The country offers a high-quality teaching system and also is rich in possibilities and cultures. Scientific publications, research, and international collaborations are three of the aspects that Canada and its universities focus on.

As per the visa regulations, if a student has a family member working for a work permit in Canada, the application will be processed within the first two weeks. The student can renew or extend the Canadian study permit if he or she wishes to continue with the studies.

Your study visa will expire 90 days after you finish your studies. You will receive a notification of the program completion. The student can still stay and explore or can also apply for a work permit. It allows the student to take a full time or part-time job.

Canadian education until today has helped thousands of students to shape their careers in the best possible ways. These potential career growths on acquiring Canadian education make Canada a most sought after international education.

Your visa may have expired but you can definitely renew your visa by contacting the official authorities. Always remember that a prolonged stay and effectively utilizing your stay will help you in many ways. Doing a part-time job will definitely make a difference in your life.


If you select to study in Canada it definitely means getting hold of a Canadian study permit which is a Canadian visa, fundamentally. A Canadian study permit allows the student to stay in the country for the duration of the course.

The Canadian government is constantly working to improvise the study visa laws. As a result, you may notice that there is a vast difference in the laws of visa rules. In recent years the government has taken a keen interest in the welfare of the international students. Authorities make stringent rules keeping in mind the safety and security of the students.

You may easily take up a job part-time or full time in the country and earn and can send the money back home. Canada always maintains a healthy work environment. You will notice great office decorum and a healthy work environment in Canada.

Remember, Canada is a peace-loving country and you should also abide by the laws and rules for international students. The people are welcoming and full of warmth. So is the sense of hospitality in them!

So, you should work hard and enjoy your stay in the country!