It is a general belief that to study abroad, students have to take the IELTS exam. But the fact is you can get a Canada study visa without IELTS too. There are few universities in Canada which consider giving admission to the students without the IELTS exam score. Even the embassy gives student visa to the students without the IELTS score.

Checking the English proficiency of the students is still very important because English and French are the official languages in Canada and the government has planned the study visa accordingly for the international students. But they have been lenient in recent years to ensure that international students also get a chance in Canada to study without IELTS.

Why do students prefer to study in Canada?

Canada is an important country across the world which has been attracting a lot of international students for higher studies. The country also attracts working professionals and skilled labour.

  • It is one of the best countries to study, work, and live in. the country is considered safe for the international students and this has also been a major reason for attracting international students.
  • The universities offering programs without IELTS can be easily researched upon using the internet. Distant learning programs have also been designed for the international students and these can also offer admission without IELTS. In terms of education, Canada always remains on top of the list of student’s preferences. Though they don’t require English proficiency test results, yet they expect that the aspirant should be aware of written and spoken English.
  • The facilities offered by the country are one of the best in the world.
  • Even without IELTS, people can think of studying and working in the country. There are few universities which grant admission to international students without the IELTS. The work permit can also be achieved through an employment offer letter or sponsorship of the relative. The sponsorship program is an important one for the person or the aspirant to think about working in the country.

Canada Study Visa without IELTS certificate

There are different ways to go to Canada. Language test can be avoided by the university in which the aspirant seeks admission on certain criteria. People who already have an employment offer or letter from the Canadian company can simply fly to the country to start their employment status. Hence the offer letter of the employer acts as a work permit for the professional.

Now for the students who want to study abroad at the university or college in Canada do have to show their English proficiency test results. But however, there are few colleges and universities where IELTS score is not required. The person should indulge in some research and find the college or the educational institutions which accept the student without IELTS test score.

On the other hand, to get PR in Canada, IELTS exam is extremely necessary. There are ways to still get PR without IELTS too. The aspirants need to be aware of the same. The students can even manage to work while they study in the country.

Universities in Canada offering admission without IELTS:

There are few universities in Canada which do provide admission to the students from other countries without enquiring about IELTS. The universities mentioned don’t make IELTS mandatory-you can show equivalent English proficiency with other tests or experience.  Here are the relevant pages from the University websites:

Canada is a country which provides international students with a plethora of options. They have the universities which do not accept International students under any circumstances without IELTS score. On the other hand, there are colleges and universities which do accept international students without the requirement of IELTS.

Canadian universities like Concordia, Brock, and Memorial are examples of the institutions where admission to the international students is granted without any IELTS score. But the students have to fulfil some requirements and criteria to secure admission in these universities.

Canada Student visa without IELTS

Without IELTS also students can plan to Study in Canada. Though it may seem to be a distant dream for the students but there are ways in which the way can be found. The government has planned a successful Student Partners Program or SPP which is meant to simplify the process of student visa application. The success of visa ratio is high under this program. The students were informed to connect with the SPP student visa processing expert to get the optimum details regarding the same.

Requirements for the SSP program are as follows:

  • The age of the applicant should be 25 years with work experience.
  • The qualification is 12th HSC/10+3, 10+2+3/Bachelor Degree/Master Degree. The score should be above 55% in the examinations.
  • 5 years of work experience with valid certificates.

SSP visa processing time is 15-20 days. Some of the documents required for the SSP Program which the students have to submit are as follows:

  • Passport copy of first and last page
  • 10th SSC mark sheet
  • 12th HSC mark sheet
  • Mark sheet of Diploma or certificate
  • Mark sheet of Bachelor Degree or certificate
  • Master’s mark sheet or certificate
  • Work experience details

Study in Canada without IELTS

The students can definitely get admission in the Canadian universities without IELTS. But this will be possible only when the students are able to fulfil some of the criteria. The students are expected to have attended a school or lived for the last 4 years in an area where English is the primary language of instruction. The main idea is that aspirants should be able to converse and write well in English. Hence this seems to be a good alternative for the aspirants without IELTS. There certainly are universities that do not require IELTS to grant admission to the aspirants.

How to apply for permanent residency in Canada without IELTS?

It is not wrong to say that there are ways to reach, study, and work in Canada without IELTS. There are several programs which allow students to study in the country. Similarly, there are varied programs which also allow people to work in Canada. The jobs in Canada are classified into 5 types and these are called the National Occupation Certificate or NOC. The diverse types are listed below:

  • Skill Type O: this category includes management jobs.
  • Skill Type A: Under this category, the aspirant should have university degrees.
  • Skill Level B: these are the technical employment opportunities and the aspirants should have a degree and required training in the relevant field.
  • Skill Level C: the jobs which require job-specific training.
  • Skill Level D: these are the labour jobs which require on-site training.


How to go to Canada without IELTS for permanent residence?

For attaining PR in Canada, IELTS is definitely one of the strongest methods. It has become a basic requirement to achieve PR in the country. But there are options provided by the government for choosing to live in the country without IELTS. They can appear for another English proficiency test known as the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program or CELPIP which is an alternative to IELTS. For getting the PR, the relatives of the person can also sponsor him or her. But in this case, also, the relative who is sponsoring should be staying in Canada for over 1 year.

How to get a Canada study visa without IELTS?

The Canadian government has come forth with certain changes in its student visa regulations. This is a big breather for international students who wish to study in the country. This visa also provides them with the freedom to work in the country. The students who wish to enrol in the universities which do not require IELTS score need to prove their enrollment in such educational institutions to obtain study visa in Canada. The college which is providing them with admission will grant them the proof that they are providing them with enrolment only when they are satisfied with the English proficiency of the student.

Another important criterion is that students can now no longer stay on a study permit for more than 90 days of completing their course. This is to check that students may not shift to short-term courses after enrolling for the long-term one. This is a step taken by the Canadian government to ensure that only serious students study in the country. This will help the Canadian universities to cater to the requirement of international students seeking Degree courses in the country.

Without IELTS study visa in Canada

The changes in the study visa have been granted by the government of Canada to ensure that serious students get the opportunity to study in the country even without appearing for the IELTS exam. This IELTS exemption does not mean that the universities do not meet the requirement of the proficiency test.

The main aim of IELTS is to check the English proficiency of the students. Hence even if the university is ranting admission to the international student without IELTS, there are few requirements which the candidate has to meet. The aspirant should have completed 12th from an English Medium institution. This is important because at least the university would be sure that the aspirant is proficient speaking in English and is a good student to get admission in the respective university.

Benefits of study in Canada without IELTS

There are numerous benefits of studying in Canada without IELTS. With the advent of the internet, several changes have been experienced in the field of education also. The trend of distant study in Canada without the requirement of IELTS score has become simple for the students. It has become easier for the students to get a Bachelor, Master, or another professional degree. This is being facilitated by the study visa rules as well. Students can even continue working while pursuing their higher studies.


It has been analyzed that IELTS is a basic requirement to secure admission in Canadian universities. But there are universities in the country which are granting admission to the students without IELTS score also. Another important thing to remember here is that though the universities are granting admission without IELTS, yet their focus on English proficiency is unchanged. The students have to meet the set requirements to secure admission in the universities in Canada.

For work permit also, the aspirants have to produce the letter of employment issues to them by the company which is providing them with the offer letter. The aspirant should have sponsorship by relative and the relative should be staying in the country for more than a year.

Hence the above-mentioned criteria have to be met to ensure that the students get admitted in the universities across the country without IELTS score.