With an ocean of opportunities, Canada is becoming a popular destination for students to pursue their studies. Every year, a large number of students from across the globe flock to Canada to study and find employment opportunities. If you want to study in Canada, you must know about the Canada Study Visa Requirements and how to get a Canadian study permit.

The educational programs, across all levels, provide a world-class learning experience and open doors to global opportunities. If you are planning on moving to Canada, then read further about Canada visa requirements.

This post will go through an extensive checklist of steps that you need to follow in order to successfully obtain a Canadian Visa.

What is a Canadian Student Visa?

A student visa is one of the important documents that will allow you to study in Canada. It is similar to a Canada Visitor Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). Along with a visa, you will also need a study permit. The student visa is a combination of either a visitor visa and study permit or an ETA and a student permit.

The distinction between a student visa and study permit is important to outline their function. A student permit just ensures that you can study in Canada while the visa is a document granting you permission to visit and stay in Canada. Study permit doesn’t allow you to get Canadian government facilities health benefits. However, it will help you with your goal of Canadian citizenship.

You become eligible to apply for a student visa if you receive an offer of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). The student permit also becomes crucial for ensuring that you work after your program ends as it is valid for 90 days after your course gets over.

Canada study visa requirements

Further, you are eligible to study in Canada if you meet the listed requirements:

  • Enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • It is imperative for you to pay the full one-year tuition fee in advance and have deposited CAD10000 in the GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate).
  • Have no criminal record or any criminal charges against your name and obtain a police certificate, if required.
  • Undertake a medical examination and obtain a medical certificate giving you permission to enter the country
  • And be able to prove to an officer that you will leave Canada as soon as your permit expires.
  • You have filled and signed a Visa Application Centre (VAC) consent form.
  • You have submitted copies of your existing immigration status in your home country or in Canada.

Canada study visa online application processing time

If you are from China, India, the Philippines, or Vietnam then you apply through the Student Direct Stream and ensure faster processing times for your application. So, Indian students, you are already lucky to get your study permit faster. Before you check out the list, it is imperative to know that all the submitted documents should either be in English or French. In case they are translated into these languages, then a valid proof of translation should accompany these documents.

Documents required for Canada study visa

  1. A letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). You will need to attach the original of this letter, with the DLI number. You are eligible to apply for a visa only after you have been accepted into one of the institutions.
  2. A valid passport and a scan of it to prove its validity.
  3. Valid identity proof of you, and anyone else accompanying you. You will also need to submit two passport size photographs, the names of people accompanying you and their date of birth.
  4. A record of your financials to prove that you support yourself and your family while in Canada. The accepted documents are your GIC account details with a Canadian bank, proof of loan details from a financial institution, and proof of scholarship or any other financial aid (if secured)
  5. A statement addressed to the government of Canada outlining your reasons for applying for a student permit. In some cases where a student permit isn’t required, it is advisable that you still apply for one as it acts as a work permit and allows you to work part-time. It also gives you the flexibility to renew your permit without leaving the country.
  6. The status of your employment/diploma by means of your resume and CV.
  7. If your place of study is in the providence of Quebec, then you also need to submit a Certificate acceptation du Quebec (CAQ), which is issued by the Government of Quebec.
  8. In case you are a minor applying for a visa and need a custodian that is not a parent, in that case, you are required to submit a Custodian Declaration Form. The form states the details of the custodian and is a consent by the parents approving that relationship.
  9. In case this is not your first time applying for the visa, then, you will need to mention your Unique Client Identifier (UCI) in the form. This is a number that you can easily find in your documents sent by the Canadian government.

How to apply for a study visa in Canada?

Applying for a study permit usually costs around CAD150 and a fee for biometrics i.e, CAD85. The figure of $10,000 varies to $11,000 for students applying to Quebec, for a 12-month period.

Like a study permit, students can get the visa by applying online through the CIC website or offline by obtaining the application package from the local visa centre, the Consulate, or the Canadian embassy.

Under the following cases, you will be exempted from applying for a study permit:

  • In case your course is for less than six months, then you need only a visitor visa or an ETA.
  • A family member or staff member of a foreign representative to Canada who is associated with the Global Affairs Canada.
  • If you are a member of the foreign armed forces in Canada and on official duty.
  • A citizen of another country who has a Registered Indian Status in Canada.
  • If you are a minor
  • Still in Kindergarten
  • A refugee or a refugee claimant. Or your parents are refugees or refugee claimants.
  • Attending pre-school, primary, or secondary school while your parents work or study in Canada.

Cost of applying for a Canadian Student Visa

While filling out the form, it is mandatory that you pay all your pending fees and then submit the application. For an individual, the cost comes up to almost $CAN 240, which includes the cost of a study permit and Biometric fees.

The validity of a Canadian Student Visa

  1. The student visa expires 90 days after the completion of your program. These 90 days allow you to prepare for extending your student visa.
  2. If you complete your program before the expiration date, even then you will have 90 days.
  3. It is mandatory for you to produce a piece of evidence that you have completed your program by submitting the notification from your school. This could include- an email, a letter, or any other document on official letterhead. The date when one of these documents is issued will be used as a basis of marking the completion of your program. The permit will be valid for up to 90 days starting from this date.

Provisions of visiting Your Home Country

Educational institutes offer a satisfactory number of breaks, including summer and winter breaks. In these breaks, the students can go back to their home country. However, they required to produce proof of their immigration status. This means they will have to show either their ETA or their study permit. It’s important to make sure before flying out of the country that all your documents will still be valid when you return. In case, they aren’t, apply for an extension before leaving the country.


In case you find applying for the permits daunting, you can take the help of a Canadian Student Visa consultant like Mindmine Global. They ensure that you have all the required documents and that you fill in your forms and applications properly. They will also assist you with other legal and financial nitty-gritty and offer you initial support once you reach your destination.

Studying in Canada can prove to be a life-changing opportunity. With the range of courses and programs, Canada, no doubt is becoming the modern education hub. And increasing class profile diversity makes it one of the top choices for international choices. This step by step guide to a Visa application process makes sure that you witness a hassle-free, convenient, and memorable educational journey in Canada.