Advantages of Studying in Europe

Affordable Tuition Fees.

Studying in Europe is not a difficult feat. Europe’s lower tuition rates than the US, UK, and others make it a great place to study for a master’s or Ph.D. For instance, private or public universities in the US charge between $13,000 and $35,000. However, postgraduate tuition in Europe ranges from €5,000 to €25,000, depending on the subject and university. Compared to the US, most overseas postgraduate courses cost €15,000.

This has been the top reason students study abroad in Europe.

Europe’s Education and Research are Top-notch.

European universities are among the world’s top. Cross-border cooperation in Europe has created a robust international academic community undertaking amazing research. European colleges offer tens of thousands of English-language programs. You can discover programs in any academic area, from arts to zoology, in small, intimate universities or huge worldwide research centers, in cutting-edge academic research or practice-oriented education. Mindmine Global, as an educational consultant, can help pick the best European countries to study.

It’s Easy to Move and See the Whole Continent.

You should visit multiple countries while studying in Europe. That’s achievable even on a student budget and tight semester schedule, thanks to cheap flight, rail, and bus connections, and short journey durations.

You can get a student visa if you’re a non-European student in the Schengen Area of 26 European nations. Even away from campus, you can have excellent experiences. If you are looking for the best countries to study in Europe in English, you should consult the overseas education consultant at Mindmine Global.

Higher Studies in Europe are respected and aligned.

European higher education systems are coordinated thanks to the Bologna process. That means all European Bachelors and Masters follow the same academic system. Thus, a Swedish Master’s degree is equivalent to one from Germany, Lithuania, or the UK. It is best to take the help of an educational consultant who can guide you on availing higher studies in Europe.

Education is in English.

There are many Bachelors’s and Masters’s programs in the English language. English proficiency is high in most European countries, which makes it an ideal place for Indian students.

Inclusive culture.

Countries in Europe are, by and large progressive and have inclusive cultures. This makes it an attractive destination for people worldwide, as it allows them to live honest, authentic lives and experience different cultures.

Why Choose MindMine Global Educational Consultant to Study in Europe

We have the best overseas education consultants in Delhi with skills to make your ambitions come true, whether you pursue undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate degrees.

  • Understand the students’ goals and requirements.
  • Keep them updated about the visa & college admission process
  • Select the institutes suitable for the students
  • Help them in filling out forms
  • Assist them in writing their SOPs(statement of purpose), recommendation letters & resumes
  • Coordinate with the universities & follow up with them
  • In-house IELTS, PTE & TOEFL coaching by experienced faculty
  • Help students with the study visa process
  • Assistance with scholarships
  • Pre-departure counseling & consulting

Europe is well known for its great universities, state-of-the-art research facilities, and a cosmopolitan setting that encourages intellectual and personal development. With Mindmine, the best education consultants in India, your dreams of studying in Europe can become a reality.

How to Study Abroad in Europe?

Mindmine is here to assist you through the entire documentation process, from the initial papers to the final stage of the Europe study visa process for students willing to do their education in Europe. If you are looking to study abroad, you will need the help of educational consulting services.

We even assist students who want to study in Europe from India and their entire Europe Study Visa Process.

Initial Steps to Apply to Study Overseas

  • It would be best to have your school records and other relevant papers ready.
  • Send all of the papers to the college address.
  • Getting a reply takes almost a month.
  • When the college gets the papers, it sends the student an offer letter.
  • Students accept the acceptance letter and send the necessary papers to the embassy.

Required Documents for Europe Study Visa:

  • A passport that is valid for at least 18 months
  • 10th-grade transcript and diploma
  • 12th-grade transcript and diploma
  • English translated and notarized birth certificate
  • 10 photos with a 4.5*3.5 cm size and a 70% face
  • Official university letter of acceptance
  • Reports of HIV tests
  • Every document that the embassy has approved
  • L1 visa charges
  • Receipt of college fee payment

Best Universities to Study in Europe

Top European Universities QS World University Ranking 2023 Home Country of the Universities
ETH Zurich #9 Switzerland
EPFL #16 Switzerland
Université PSL #26 France
Technical University of Munich #49 Germany
Delft University of Technology #61 Netherlands
Universität Heidelberg #65 Germany
KU Leuven #76 Belgium
University of Copenhagen #82 Denmark
KTH Royal Institute of Technology #89 Switzerland
Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin #98 Ireland

Job opportunities for international students in Europe


Business, engineering, and IT organizations in Europe provide internships to students who study overseas. Internships allow you to network and get useful experience; they can also occasionally result in employment offers. There are several job opportunities available. But even then, you would need expert advice from an educational consultant.

Part-time work

International students can easily work part-time in service industries in several European nations. This can help students make money. Retail, hospitality, and food service are popular part-time professions.

Au Pair

International students frequently choose to work as au pairs in Europe to take care of the children of their host families. Part-time employment and paid accommodation and board are usual requirements for au pairs.

Teaching assistants

Foreign and domestic graduate students can work as teaching assistants. These positions give employees useful teaching experience and a stipend to augment other sources of income.

Lab assistants and researchers

Graduate students can find research or lab assistant work at their institution or linked research centers, especially in science and healthcare. Many times, these positions also offer stipends and tuition breaks.

Freelancing and telecommuting

International students can freelance or work remotely for home-country companies. This employment suits industries like IT, marketing, and writing. Whether you are planning to study international business in Europe or do MS, any sort of freelancing job can greatly help you.

Best Countries to Study in Europe

Best Countries to Study in Europe

Germany is great for students to get a top-notch education without breaking the bank! The country has many good universities like Heidelberg, the Technical University of Munich, and the University of Cologne. Tuition fees in German public universities are low or even free for international students. However, there might be admin fees of €200-300 per semester for Bachelor’s programs and €400-500 euros for Master’s. It is the best country to study MBBS in Europe. Living costs in Germany are moderate, but they can vary depending on the city you choose. Berlin and Munich are pricier cities, with monthly costs ranging from €800-1200. If you are confused about where to study in Germany, consult an educational consultant and get their help.


Finland is great for students who want top-notch education and forward-thinking policies. The country has free university education for everyone, including international students. The University of Helsinki and Aalto University are known for their innovative programs. However, living in Finland can be pricey because of high taxes. In Helsinki, monthly expenses can be around €800-1200. Finland offers many scholarships to international students. If you are looking for an educational consultant to study in Finland, Mindmine Global can help you with it.


France has awesome universities and lots of English-taught degree programs. The country has a cool cultural scene and fascinating history, making it a favored destination. Cities like Paris have famous schools like the University of Paris-Sorbonne and Sciences Po. Living costs in smaller cities in France are more affordable compared to big cities like Paris. This is one of the best place to study interior design in Europe.


Spain is great for students looking for affordable education and a friendly atmosphere. Spanish universities have pretty affordable fees & the cost of living in Spain is not as high. ,

The top universities in Spain are the University of Barcelona, the University of Valencia, and the University of Granada. These places offer many different programs for various interests and subjects. Spain has an awesome culture, which makes its society very inclusive.


Studying in Sweden is awesome because university education is free for everyone, no matter where you’re from! Unis like Uppsala, Lund, and KTH offer great programs in different fields. Living in cities like Stockholm can be expensive, from €1000 to 1500 per month. The education is top-notch, the society is forward-thinking, and there are many cool cultural experiences.


Hungary has cheaper university education than many Western European countries. Unis like Eötvös Loránd and Budapest University have many study programs for different interests.

Budapest is affordable, with monthly expenses ranging from €500 to 800. Hungary is great for students seeking affordable education and a cool cultural experience. Overseas educational consultants are well aware of every location and can give the best education and career advice.


Poland has a rich history, cultural heritage, and lower expenses. The country has many study programs, like the University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian University.

Living costs in Poland, especially in cities like Warsaw, are relatively lower than in other European countries. Poland is a great option for students seeking affordable education and a diverse experience.


Italian universities like Bologna, Milan, and Rome offer many degree programs.

Living costs in different cities can vary a lot. For example, Rome and Milan are pricier with living expenses costing an average of €800-1200 monthly. But s aller cities in Italy are cheaper to live in. Italy is a great place to study if you love history, art, and culture. Plus, the education is top-notch!


Latvia has an affordable university education, and most programs are taught in English, so it’s great for international students! The University of Latvia and Riga Technical University offer many different subjects.

Tuition fees at Latvian public universities are usually around 2000-4000 per year for Bachelor’s programs and €3000-5000 for Master’s programs for international students. Living in Riga, the capital city costs around €500-800 per month, which is reasonable compared to other European countries. Contact Mindmine Global, the best educational consultant in India, if you are willing to study in Europe.


Lithuania offers affordable university education, and just like Latvia, most programs are in English. Vilnius University and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University are the top universities in the country.

Tuition fe s at Lithuanian public universities are usually around €2000-4000 per year for Bachelor’s programs and €3000-5000 for Master’s programs for international students. Living in Vilnius, the capital city, is pretty affordable. You can expect to spend around €500-800 per month.

Best Courses to Study in Europe

Technology and Engineering

Europe is renowned for having top-notch engineering and technology schools. Students frequently take courses in information technology, computer science, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. Engineering programs are well-known at universities like the Technical University of Munich in Germany, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, and Delft University in the Netherlands.

Technical degrees are one of the best study abroad programs in Europe.

Commercial and Management

Prestigious business schools and colleges in Europe may offer renowned MBA, IB, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship programs. Internationally renowned institutions for their business and management programs include France’s INSEAD, the UK’s London Business School, and Switzerland’s IMD Business School.

Healthcare and Medicine

Numerous European nations are home to top-notch medical schools and healthcare initiatives. Popular academic fields include medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and biomedical sciences. Universities with a reputation for providing top-notch medical and healthcare education include Heidelberg University in Germany and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Social sciences and humanities:

Europe is a great place to study hu anities and social sciences because of its significant historical past and rich cultural legacy. History, philosophy, literature, sociology, political science, and international relations are common electives in this area. Institutions like the University of Bologna in Italy and the Sorbonne University in France offer outs anding programs in these fields.

Creative endeavors

Europe is a center for creative disciplines like art and design. Students frequently enroll in fine arts, graphic designing courses, fashion design, interior design, and architecture. Institutions with famous arts and design programs include the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, the Politecnico di Milano in Italy, and Central Saint Mar ins in the UK.

Environmental Science and Sustainability

Environmental science, sustainable development, renewable energy, and conservation courses are becoming increasingly popular as environmental problems worldwide grow. European universities that provide cutting-edge courses in this area include Aarhus University in Denmark, Lund University in Sweden, and Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Europe is a great area o study tourism and hospitality because of its many different landscapes, cultural attractions, and rich history. Students can enroll in hotel management, event management, culinary arts, and tourism management courses. Universities like the University of Barcelona in Spain, the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, and the MODUL University Vienna in Austria are well known for their courses in this area.

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There are many reasons students might want to study abroad in the United Kingdom. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that the UK has some of the best universities in the world. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2017 listed many UK universities in the top 100, more than any other country.

Another reason to study in UK is that this country is home to a wide variety of cultures and languages. This means that students can experience many different traditions and cuisines while improving their language skills.

The UK is also a great place to study business and economics. Many of the world’s top companies are based in London. Students can gain invaluable experience by studying in one of the world’s most important financial centers.

The UK can be an excellent place for Indian students depending on what they are looking for. Some of the key benefits of studying in the UK include top-quality universities, various course options, and English language instruction.

Additionally, the UK offers many opportunities for employment after graduation. On the other hand, the cost of tuition and living in the UK can be high, and students may need to learn to adapt to a new culture and climate.

As one of the best study in UK consultants in Delhi, we can advise you on how to acquire study visas and work part-time or full-time. Let us help you find out the best program and institution in the UK that meets your needs and expectations.

There are two intakes in most UK universities: September/October and January/February. There can even be three intakes in some colleges or universities in the UK.

The application can vary in different colleges and universities. Most courses in UK have more than one intake, so you may be able to apply for a course that starts in a different month. You can find out when the intakes are for your course by checking the course information on university websites.

Some universities also offer online courses with start dates throughout the year. You can find out more about online courses on the UCAS website.

To apply to any UK university, you should apply through the UCAS website. But before you do that, you should have an understanding of what you want to study. Check what programs appeal to you and where they are taught. Accordingly, you should apply for them. You can apply upto five programs in the same or different universities.

Now, you should make sure that you are eligible for the program of your choice. This means you should make sure you meet the standards set for marks for the qualifying exam, IELTS or TOEFL score and other university/program-specific requirements.

You should then arrange for all necessary documents that include your relevant marksheets, financial information, important personal information, a personal statement and other documents.

Mindmine Global can simplify the whole process, and provide you with all the latest information you need. We will simplify things and ensure that your application process goes smoothly.

The UK is one of the most lucrative study destinations in the world. Home to reputed institutes like Oxford and Cambridge University, London School of Economics, University of Edinburgh and more- it offer a variety of programs that will enhance your knowledge and skills and add to your resume. You can enjoy a high standard of living and build networks that will sustain you through life.

In UK, you can experience a variety of cultures, and get career opportunities that you may not find elsewhere. If you want to build a career in Europe, UK can act as a good launch pad for it. As the main language spoken in English, it becomes more convenient for Indian students to navigate the day to day life there.

Talk to the experts in Mindmine Global to plan your academic future in UK.

Before being admitted, students must fulfill particular requirements for each British educational institution and level of study. Applicants must pass standardized English proficiency exams (like the International English Language Testing System; and IELTS) and be accepted into a recognized institution. There are constraints on age, financial stability, and the availability of visas. A-levels or an equivalent must be completed for undergraduate studies. A relevant bachelor’s degree is typically necessary for postgraduate programs. For some courses, there might be specific prerequisites. The eligibility requirements and application procedures must be confirmed with the chosen institution and the authorized UK government sources.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) scores are required as proof of English language proficiency by many UK universities and immigration procedures. However, the requirements may change depending on the institution or visa category. Some universities may accept alternative English language tests like the TOEFL. You must confirm the specific needs of the college or immigration program you are interested in, as rules may have changed since then.

The criteria for admission in the UK vary depending on the university and the program. Still, generally speaking, a mark of 50% may not meet the bar for most reputable institutions. Your chances of being accepted increase with stronger academic performance. Consider raising your grade point average or looking into foundation courses to increase your eligibility.

Yes, many UK education consultants in Delhi offer personalized counseling sessions for students seeking to study in the UK. These sessions guide course selection, university options, application processes, UK scholarships for Indian students, and visa requirements. Consultants offer valuable insights to help students make informed decisions tailored to their academic and career goals, enhancing their chances of successful admission to UK universities.

To study in the UK, you must research universities and programs, meet entry requirements, gather transcripts and English proficiency test results, and apply online through UCAS or university websites. Obtain money by way of personal resources, loans, or scholarship to study in UK. Get a Tier 4 student visa and make housing arrangements. Organize your trip and your arrival. Engage in orientation, settle in, and excel in your chosen program.