The International English Language Testing System measures the language proficiency of an individual who wants to study, work, or immigrate to a country, where English is the main language for communication. It uses a nine-scale band to see the flow of the language, from a non-user (Band score 1) to an expert user (Band score-9).

To prepare for the IELTS exams, candidates will attend regular 40 day’s IELTS classes to prepare for the test compulsory for every test takers in the IELTS category. The IELTS paper-based test results are declared on the 13th day of the test. The IELTS test report form can be collected, from the candidate’s respective center or they can get it delivered by post.

Importance of reading the writing and speaking for IELTS

With the help of IELTS, the candidate can assess their abilities in writing, listening, reading and speaking. There are two types of IELTS exams- namely: Academic and General training. The speaking and listening methods are the same for both of the tests but the reading and writing differ, depending on what type of test the candidate will take.

The candidates must complete all the four sections of IELTS on the same day with no breaks between. The speaking section can be completed in a week, before or after the other tests. The candidates are following the advice of their respective IELTS test centers and follow their instructions carefully.

The total time for the test to complete takes 2 hours and 45 minutes. According to the time mentioned, here is how the timings of each test are calculated:

  • Academic Reading – 60 minutes.
  • Listening – 30 minutes.
  • General Training Reading – 60 minutes.
  • Academic Writing – 60 minutes.
  • General Training Writing – 60 minutes.
  • Speaking – 11 to 14 minutes

When can I see my IELTS result online?

The Computer-based IELTS test–results declared within 5-7 days. The best and leading IELTS platforms are the British Council, which is located in many countries around the globe. Candidates will receive their IELTS test results in an accurate, trusted and secure manner.

It will publish your results with 13 calendar days, and the test report form trf is the name your test results of IELTS.

How can I see my IELTS result online?

You get an SMS first, on registered mobile number; the organization will provide this process as the test result preview. To preview your results online, it will be available within 28 days. The organization will provide the link in viewing the results.

It will require your passport ID number and your candidate number when viewing your results. As it uses the passport number for registration through, which you receive your candidate number.

The IELTS registration procedure

To start with the registration, fill out an application for from your nearest test location. As there are 1200, test locations 140 countries. When you book the test, you get a mail with the login ID details. You can log in and check your results with it.

The registration procedure to book your test is done online as you can download the application form then complete and submit it to your local IELTS exam center.

Once your application has been processed, the center will send you a written confirmation of the time and date of your test. After your examination is over, the IELTS report card is called IELTS TRF- Test Report Form. This is sent by post. The score mentioned in this will be final.

The overall band score will be the actual result of your test and performance. This is score will be the key to move forward, in your respective fields of choice.

how can i see my ielts result online british council

Prepare for your test

It is important for the candidate to be familiarized with the format of the test, by reviewing the content of the test, the questions, and task types for each section. It is important to go through the rules and regulation of the IELTS.

These are given out in the Notice to Candidates and Declaration section, which is included in the application form. To start, it will be much easier to practice with the test sample materials.

These materials will help the candidate with ideas and solution, on what to expect in the four sections of the IELTS test and get to practice it, accordingly. The test center will also provide official IELTS practice materials in the form of CDs and DVDs, which will help in giving a much clear picture of the test.

Depending on your test results, revaluation can be done within 6 weeks of the declaration of the results. It has some cost. For further inquiry, candidates are requested to get in touch with their test centers respectively.