IELTS or International English language testing system is exam acclaimed and standardized across the globe to test the language proficiency skills of non-native English speakers. This test is widely accepted across the globe especially in native English speaking countries like Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even around 3000+ institutes in the USA.

Test segments

IELTS is regarded as a major language proficiency test. IELTS tests your overall command over English.

The test is segmented into four parts which judge your listening, reading, speaking and writing abilities in the English language.

Among the four parts, the highest weight is given on the IELTS writing task. In the writing section, there are two parts or tasks as they are called.

In task 1, you are asked to write around 150 words in 20 minutes; while in task 2, you are asked to write at least 250 words in 40 minutes.

The topics and subjects of the questions vary according to the module you are writing the test for.

In case you are writing for an academic module, in task 1 you need to describe some charts, diagrams, etc and in task 2 you are required to write an essay.

The essay topic is given based on some contemporary problem or argument or point of view etc. For general training module, task 1 deals with letter writing and task 2 deals with paragraphs on topics of general interests.

Band Scoring

The IELTS test result is scored based on different bands. After the test is completed bands scores are given for each segment and for overall performance. Classifying in broad ways the band scores are of the following types:

  • Band score 1-3: minimal English skills
  • Band score 4-6: students of English
  • Band score 7-9: fluent in English

Thus a band score of 9 is regarded as the highest score one can achieve in IELTS examination. According to IELTS standards, achieving a high score as band 9 denotes full command over the language. Thus you are regarded as masterful and eloquent with no errors.

It is believed that if you have landed with a score of 9 it denotes you can converse, write and understand the language in all situations. As a matter of fact, most native English speakers do not land with a score of 9 proving your command over the language, in-depth vocabulary, and understanding.

IELTS Writing Band 9 Essays

Albeit the fact that an IELTS score 9 can only be achieved in case you score highest marks in all sections yet the IELTS essay writing section holds the biggest significance among all. According to British Council IELTS band score descriptors, the band scores are given based on 4 different criteria:

  • Task responses: In simple terms, task response means how well your answers address all the parts of your given task. These criteria judge how well you have understood the question and how well you have covered every single aspect mentioned in the task.
    • For example, in case of the academic writing, task 2 asks you to discuss and give your opinion on longer prison sentences to reduce the crime rate, you have to discuss both the sides keeping your opinion clear from the very beginning.

In case you wrote only one side of the topic or omitted your own opinion or in the case wrote a very brief account on one of the aspects your answer won’t be considered for a perfect 9 band score.

Again make sure that you don’t change your point of view midway through the answers. Your answers should have clear position throughout and it should be backed by proper reasons and information

  • Coherence and cohesion: This is the most difficult part and this is where despite all your preparations and profound vocabulary your answers might lose the score. To put in simple terms this part judges how well knit your answers are and how well you present them.Also note that a perfect 9 answer should be easy to read and should not have any unnecessary sentences, random quotes or statistics or anything that is irrelevant to the

Your answers must follow the precise format for paragraphs. Also the body the paragraph you write should have a clear central topic described. For example, in the case of the topic you are asked to agree or disagree on a certain issue, you should make separate paragraphs for each topic.

Other than making separate paragraphs with central topics your answers should have properly balanced use of mixed cohesive devices and transition terms like moreover/however/although etc. You should have variability in usage and the flow should be smooth rather than a mechanical approach.

  • Lexical resources: In one word this means an enhanced vocabulary. An IELTS band 9 essays should have use of uncommon words in a smooth flow. Note that many examinees despite having a strong vocabulary fail to score a perfect 9 due to their lack of precision. Using uncommon words and using them with precision can make your answer perfectly.
  • Grammatical range and accuracy: As IELTS is a test for checking your command over English thus stringent benchmarks for grammar accuracy and sentence structures are quite obvious.For perfecting grammar, the only trick is to practice relentlessly and increase your skills and grasp over grammar usages and usability.Note that for getting a perfect band score you need to show your sentences are well knitted with error-free grammar. Complex sentences and the ability to use them if and when required plays a major role in showing a high level of accuracy.In case you want a perfect band score just a couple of mechanical sentences with because/if/although won’t be enough. You will have to use them in a well-crafted manner and much more frequently.

IELTS Writing  9 band essays guide.

In most cases, the questions or tasks given in academic writing is based on agree/disagree questions or you are asked to justify your opinion. Here are a few steps on how to write a model an answer that will land you with a perfect 9 score.

The three things to know before writing a perfect 9 answers are:
– How to choose an opinion for agree/disagree question
– How to generate fresh ideas
– How to frame an answer to the question

As for example in case the sample question has given states that: Is a handsome salary more important than job satisfaction? Do you agree or disagree? You may give examples if and where necessary.

While writing an answer to this question begins with choosing an opinion. Here you can agree to the notion or you can disagree to it completely.
After the opinion has been selected, you need to frame supporting ideas to back up your answer.

Agreeing to the notion
Write about the importance of monetary factors in today’s world
– Money is essential for survival and luxury both
– Having a handsome pay package makes people satisfied, boosts morale, increases self- esteem to a considerable extent despite the fact what they do

– Disagreeing to the notion
– Write about the importance and relevance of mental peace
– Job satisfaction gives ultimate fulfillment

– Doing what mind wants makes you feel more confident, peaceful and motivated to do even better
– It leads to career growth

– Money can buy luxury but not happiness, it is more pleasing to pursue what one wants
– Loving your job makes you give 100% thus benefitting the industry on a broader aspect
– A stress-free life hence reduced chances of diseases more expectancy.

In case you choose the 2nd opinion the format of the paragraph should be as follows. IELTS essay samples band 9
Now before starting to write a paragraph, it should be mentioned that there are plenty of ways to write a score 9 paragraph however here is one described which has been approved plenty of times by IELTS examiners.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraph 1- the 1 st reason for your agreeing/disagreeing
  3. Body paragraph 2- the 2nd reason for your agreeing/disagreeing
  4. Conclusion with a clear sided opinion

ielts sample essays band 9 pdf

IELTS 9 Band Essays


For IELTS paragraph the trick is to write briefly but completely. Write your introduction within a couple of sentences. Begin with 1 st sentence a paraphrase sentence where words like it are argued or considered or thought that could be used.

Example: It is often thought that a job with a handsome salary package even if it doesn’t appeal is more benefiting.
In the 2nd sentence state your opinion and extend it.

Example: However, I completely disagree with this opinion, as according to me a job where heart lays is much more important than high wage.

Body paragraph 1

In sentence state, your first reason on why you agree/ disagree with the given notion. Thus this sentence will have the main idea and essence of your entire paragraph. Try to begin the sentence with words like firstly or first of all etc.

Example: First of all I believe that job satisfaction can bring people a sense satiating and fulfillment, something that no money can buy.

In the next 2-3 sentences explain your reasons. For a better-crafted answer imagine that your the examiner has no prior knowledge in the area and so try to explain every single detail.

Example: Even if a person is earning the ultimate salary if his/her conscience doesn’t agree to what they are doing they will always feel tensed, stresses, irritated, drained, tired and most importantly they won’t be able to enjoy their life.

While pursuing one’s own interest always brings pleasure and happiness. In the next sentence try to put some examples drawn from regular life even if you are not asked to.

Example: A great stand out example could be the researchers who pursue their researches not for the temptation of lucrative salary packages but for their sheer love for science.

In the concluding statement of paragraph 1 try to put your idea in a nutshell.

Example: That is why is extremely important to choose a profession that makes one happy
instead of counting the number of zeros in a paycheque.

Body paragraph 2

In body paragraph 2 state the second reason why you agree/disagree with the notion. Again here the first sentence should contain the idea and essence of the whole paragraph. Here try using transition and mixed cohesive devices like moreover/ secondly etc to introduce the sentence.

Example: Moreover, it should be noted that doing what you love makes you give your best in the job, drives you for higher motivation and ultimately leads to career growth. In the next couple of sentences again assume that examiner doesn’t have any prior knowledge of the topic and elaborate from scratch.

Example: In other words, job satisfaction and work output or productivity are directly proportional. People who love their job are always driven to do best. Thus they excel in their fields and even become achievers more than those who prioritize their wages.

In the next couple of sentences support your idea with an example. Note that even if its note mentioned it’s always better to give one.

Example: As for example, Harry Miller left his regular job despite getting a handsome salary to become a writer. After years of struggle, ups, and downs in career, he became the most celebrated and well-paid authors of the twentieth century.

Again in the conclusive sentence of body paragraph 2 write a sentence summarizing your point of view.

Example: Thus from a long term point of view the advantages of having a job that makes you happy and satisfied actually outweighs its disadvantage of lower wages in initial days.

Always add a conclusion, do not forget to add a concluding statement. However, try to finish the conclusion in one sentence that can summarize your both reasons.
Note that never add any new reason or show diverted point of view in your conclusion.

Example: To conclude I would like to say that I strongly believe in job satisfaction being much more important than a high paycheque as a satisfying job makes one happy, contented and motivates to perform even better-increasing productivity.

ielts writing sample essays band 9 pdf

IELTS band 9 essays task 2 preparation tips 

Now it is no wonder that scoring a perfect 9 isn’t a piece of cake when you are appearing for the globally acclaimed IELTS exam. However, with proper planning and practice achieving the golden mark isn’t impossible. Here are a few preparation guides:

1. Answer what is being asked in the task
A major area where the most student goes wrong while writing is on task achievement. Note that IELTS doesn’t want to know your overview on the topic it has given. It wants to check your skills and executing capabilities of understanding of a topic. A short answer might get you penalized.

Again omitting an opinion or getting diverted midway through writing or not giving profound reasons for your opinion will get you equally penalized

2. Plan before starting

As mentioned already IELTS is all about execution and how well you do it. The academic writing isn’t like your regular essay writing where you can think while writing. For IELTS band 9 essays plan before you start.

a. Read the topic multiple times,
b. Understand what exactly it is trying to cater
c. Choose your opinion
d. Chalk out the reasons on why you are agreeing/disagreeing to the notion

All these might take more than 10 minutes to plan but that is going to help in the long run.
Keep in mind that:

a. Your essay should have 4-5 paragraphs in total
b. The word count should not be less than 250 words
c. Your examples and supporting points shouldn’t be random or irrelevant. It should support your topic and most importantly your opinion.

3. Write, review and re-write

Time management is a big factor when you are writing IELTS band 9 essays. Your essay won’t come perfectly on the first go. So just write the essay with whatever plans you have chalked out. Keep in mind that an unwritten or half-done essay will not sore you any marks.

So don’t waste your time trying to figure out a perfect synonym for a common word or so while ending up not being able to finish it. First, complete the essay as soon as possible.

Then revise and review it, think of points, lines, and paraphrases to make it better. Some questions to ask yourself when you are reviewing:

  •  Are there places where you can replace the weaker commonly used words with stronger uncommon yet relevant words to improve your lexical resources score?
  •  Are there any places where you can reconstruct the sentences to more complex yet error-free sentences in order to show your command over grammar skill range?
  • In case you have already given IELTS few times but couldn’t score a perfect 9 try to assess the reasons why you are failing

4. Also, note that for getting a band score 9 you need to have both exam skills and language skills. Exam skills deal with how quickly you can frame a relevant essay based on the topics given by IELTS. In case you aren’t quick enough you need to write and practice more and more keeping track of track.

5. For language skills.
The only way is to increase your vocabulary and while reading anything you need to mark the type and variations in sentence structures. How different sentence structures with a similar set of words can depict different levels of emphasis or sometimes different thought processes.

In conclusion

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that a perfect 9 is only achievable in case your writing scores are already at a 7. If not you need to work on your grammar range, increase your vocabulary and read a lot more to build your command over the language. Even if it is a 7 reading, practicing and proper planning are required to land with a golden band 9.