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Who doesn’t dream of making it big abroad? Whether it is for studying, permanent residency or building a great career- immigrating overseas is something many of us aspire to. But are you sufficiently fluent in English to make that cut? Worry no more- get the best IELTS coaching in Delhi with Mindmine Global and you will get one step closer to achieving your dreams.

The best part? You can just sign up for the online classes and take advantage of our training from the comfort of your home.

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IELTS Coaching

You must be thinking- why do I need to enrol for IELTS coaching? Well, if you are planning to stay abroad in an English-speaking country, you will need to prove that you are fluent in English. This is exactly what IELTS test is about- it assesses your grip over the English language.

So, if you want to prove that your English language proficiency, you have to take the IELTS exam. How you score in the four main sections will determine your grade- and if you get a good IELTS score; you will be closer to success.

Moreover, training for the IELTS- even if you don’t go abroad- will definitely improve your English communication skills. We all know how important it is today to have good command over English. It is the language of the professional world.

IELTS coaching classes will help you excel in your career and also improve your communication skills over all. Not only will it help you in day to day matters, but you can also create a good impression on people with your soft skills.

Of course, anybody can take the IELTS exam. But if you want to ace it, you have to dedicatedly prepare for it. You can do that by yourself, or can take up IELTS training from a good coaching institute like Mindmine Global. We will discuss the benefits that come from taking the second option shortly.

Now, let us look at the exam itself. What is the IELTS?

IELTS training

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It was developed in the 1980s. It is managed jointly by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English. It is one of the most popular English language tests in the world.

If a person wants to study in, take up a job or live in an English-speaking country, she must take the IELTS test. Most study institutions, companies and authorities demand the proof of the candidate’s proficiency in English, and likewise, set different benchmarks. A good score in IELTS will help you meet their requirements. (source)

The IELTS is accepted by most institutions in UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, European countries and over 3000 universities in USA. Most professional organizations in the world also accept the IELTS, and it is considered to be a qualifying benchmark by many immigration authorities worldwide.

The test itself comprises four parts-
● Listening
● Reading
● Writing
● Speaking

You have to be fluent enough in English to prove your proficiency in all four sections to get a good IELTS score and beat the competition.
And if you want to do that, you need to enrol with a good coaching institute like Mindmine Global.

IELTS classes- why join Mindmine Global

If you want to get a band score in IELTS, you have to work hard. Of course, you can do so by yourself. But going for a dedicated coaching class with our institute has many advantages.

  1. We are up to date with the curriculum, and will have a properly planned syllabus that you can follow.
  2. Our teachers can guide you properly so that you can prepare in a systematic way.
  3. If you are studying alone, you may not get a partner who can help you practice English speaking with.
  4. Not only can we help you prepare for the test, we will also help you with your personal grooming. You can participate in group discussions and mock interviews, so that you become more confident in your abilities.
  5. You can also get valuable tips from our experts.
  6. The counsellors can also help you with career guidance. They can help you identify which institutes you can apply for and give you information on other related topics.
  7. At Mindmine Global, you can also get advice on immigration.
  8. We will keep you updated about the test schedules, deadlines for applying for it and help you identify the nearest centre from where you can take the test.

Online IELTS classes – What can Mindmine Global do for you?

In order to understand how we can help you; you must know about the IELTS exam first. As we said earlier, the test comprises four sections. Let us know about them in detail (source):


This consists of four smaller parts. Each part is a dialogue or monologue, and is followed by some questions. Each of these sections are played only once, and you will get 30 minutes to complete the entire section. In paper based IELTS test, you get 10 minutes extra to transfer the answers to an answer sheet booklet whereas you get 2 minutes extra to check your work in the computer based IELTS test.

If you do not understand the dialogue or monologue, you will find it difficult to answer the subsequent questions. For this, not only do you need to concentrate, but also learn to decode the accent that you hear. Mindminde Global can help you train for this.

Not only that, our teachers can help you answer the questions properly so that you get a good band score for this section.


You will have three text sections and 40 questions to answer in this section. The time allotted for this is an hour or 60 minutes. So, not only does it require you to improve your reading and comprehension skills, you also have to fill in the answer sheet really fast.

At Mindmine Global, the experts help you improve your reading and comprehension skills and also help you speed up overall.


In this section, you will be given a chart or graph or diagram, and then have to answer some argument in an essay. However, if you are taking the IELTS general training test, you have to write a letter and a short essay.

Unless you have fluency in English, you will find it difficult to write cleanly. You must also understand what should be the tone of your letter, how you have to present an argument, and how you have to support the argument in your essay properly.

At Mindmine Global, our students undergo rigorous training. We help you write better and faster, and improve your overall communication skills. This helps you be ready to tackle any essay topic, letter or argument you may encounter.


This part comprises three sections. First, you will start the test with introduction and discussion on some familiar topics. Then, she will give you a topic, and will be given a minute to prepare an answer for it. In the third part, you have to present your answer to the examiner, and have a subsequent discussion based on it.

As you can see, this part requires you to not only have good spoken English but also quick thinking.

At our institute, our certified IELTS trainers will help you prepare for it over time. We can help you improve your communication skills, and also present your arguments properly. You can practice speaking with our teachers and other students, and build your confidence.

IELTS coaching in Delhi- Why go for Mindmine Global?

In Delhi, if you type “IELTS coaching near me” and press search, you will get hundreds of results. But Mindmine Global will give you an advantage over others. Here’s how:

  1. You can start by gauging your English proficiency level with free mock tests. Based on your results, we will create a lesson plan for you.
  2. You can sign up and get IELTS online coaching.
  3. We have British Council IELTS and IDP IELTS certified, IELTS tutor online.
  4. Mindmine Global is also an IELTS registration centre for British Council IELTS and IDP IELTS.
  5. We have the latest IELTS study curriculum, and the most current IELTS study and practice materials.
  6. With our online course, you can opt for a flexible schedule and course timings. You can opt for evening or morning classes, or go for weekend classes as per your convenience.
  7. You will get the best IELTS online training by registering with us.

IELTS coaching near me in Delhi

If you are a Delhi resident, you can go to Mindmine Global for the best IELTS coaching in Delhi. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  1. We are the best IELTS coaching centre in Delhi.
  2. Mindmine Global offers the best IELTS online coaching classes.
  3. We have a proven record of helping our students score bands 7, 8 and 9 on a regular basis.
  4. We hold regular mock tests that keeps track of your progress and helps you practice.
  5. Our certified IELTS trainers can give you special one-on-one attention.
  6. Our faculty is trained by IELTS examiners from Australia and USA.
  7. We are the only IELTS institute in Delhi with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities.
  8. We hold regular speaking and listening exercise, which not only help you prepare for the test, but also improve your overall English communication skills.
  9. With regular practise- we help you decipher different English accents easily.
  10. Our faculty helps you build up your confidence and personal grooming skills. This boosts your confidence levels.

Best IELTS training online

The best thing about training with the Mindmine Global faculty is that you don’t have to attend classes physically. You can do it from the comfort of your homes. So, if you have a steady job, or are attending college in the daytime, you can opt for online lessons whenever you have time.

You can study according to your convenience, you will save time from commute, and you will also save a lot of energy which you can direct towards actually preparing for the exam.

At Mindmine Global, you get certified tutors who come with years of experience. Our institute has helped many candidates ace the IELTS exam – so we know how to guide you best.

Moreover, you can opt for on-on-one sessions with your tutors in case you have to clear a doubt. They can also help you practice speaking and listening, which will make you a better communicator overall.

We also urge our students to participate in group discussions and debates, which hone you for public speaking. As we know, many people lack confidence about presenting their opinions before strangers- but with regular practice, your communication will improve and your confidence will grow.

Last but not the least, Mindmine Global offers you customized lesson plans based on your level of progress. With this, we ensure that your progress happens at the required phase and you can reach your maximum potential.

So, why wait? Sign up for our online classes TODAY!

Top IELTS coaching in Delhi

So, Delhiites- if you want to go abroad for work or study; you have to clear the IELTS exam. Yes, you have to work hard; but if you sign up with Mindmine Global for online IELTS coaching classes; you will be at a distinct advantage over other test-takers.

We can help you improve your English communication skills overall- and provide you with the best training possible to ace the exam. Our track record is proof of our expertise in this area. You don’t even have to appear for physical classes, you can take the classes from the comfort of your home and have a custom-made plan for you.

Moreover, our faculty will always be available for helping you and clearing your doubts. We make sure that you put your best foot forward for clearing the IELTS exam.

Sign up for our IELTS coaching classes today and make your dreams come true.