Importance of English Language in India

English is not an obsession; it is a door to better opportunities”. One cannot overstate the importance of English language in India. As a student, you might have faced embarrassment due to poor English skills at least once in your lifetime. Hence, you understand how important it is today to have knowledge of English.

However, you’re not the only one here to suffer the consequences of poor English skills! A 2016 survey by a Delhi-based employment solutions company found that barely 7% of engineering graduates were fit for core engineering jobs. Poor English skills were one of the prime reasons. If you are looking for working to abroad then it s important to learn English. Surprising, yet true! (source)

English in India is taught as the second language at every level of education. We have also accepted it as the main medium of learning and instruction in higher education. But why, despite Hindi being the mother tongue, it is so important for Indians to learn English? What is the importance of English language in India? (source)

Before we delve into the importance of English language in India, let us first take a brief look at the history of English in India.

English in India – History

It was not before the 17th century when English traders landed India as ‘The East India Company’ in the lure of trading with Indians. Hence, it’d be apt to say that India’s first brush up with English started with the arrival of the East India Company. (source).

Gradually, the trading company involved themselves in local politics and expanded industries over the next centuries. With the greed to expand their rule in India, they started looking for Indian mediators who could play administrative roles under the reign of British officials. Soon, they turned to high-class Indians, like Brahmins to work for them. The primary agenda of the British was to create a class of Indians who could think and work like the British. This is when they realized the importance of English language in India for the purpose of education. To achieve this, they established several universities based on British models with emphasis on the English language.

English in India – During the 18th Century

It was not just the British. Many Christian missionaries during 1813 also opened several primary schools for Indians to study and learn English. It was after 1857 that English became the first language in Indian education. Many modern leaders of that period also supported English language and considered it to be the key to success. Soon, everybody began considering English as an elite symbol for Indians and divided the entire nation into classes – the Elite class, the middle class and the low or poor class. Ever wondered how a language could divide an entire nation and become a status symbol for people? English had a powerful impact on Indians that it remained the main language of India even after our independence.

Today, English has become an integral part of our education system from literature to science and technology, arts and sports.s symbol for people? English had a powerful impact on Indians that it remained the main language of India even after our independence.

Importance of English Language in India Today

importance of english in India essay
Importance of English Language in India Today

While the British motive behind introducing English to Indians was not fair, it has turned out to be a gift for our country. With English as a common language of communication, India has made its way out in the world setting benchmarks in various fields.

Today, English is the only language favoured by different industries including legal and banking systems, defence, industrial houses and trade and commerce. Moreover, it is still the medium of instruction at many post-graduate institutions. It’s a common belief these days that the English language shapes the way people see the world. Having knowledge of more than one language is a gift that makes an individual more efficient and skilful in various ways. It is for this reason that even many Indian freedom fighters adopted English as a language to communicate with masses both inside and outside the country. English also helped in bridging the gap between states and regions when the linguistic diversity in India was extremely sharp. Because of all the roles that English played for the nation, our constitution gave it the status of official language in India.

There is no doubt that English is here to stay for long in the country. Since we truly embrace it along with Hindi and other regional languages, English is sure to hold the future as well. Everybody now understands the importance of English in modern India. Hence, it is necessary to foster English learning among children and youngsters at various levels of education. Further, it is important to safeguard the role of English as a “library language” even where the medium of instruction is a non-English language.

Why Spoken English is important in India?

There are several reasons that make English a global language. These reasons play an important role in proving its importance in the advancement of our nation, as well.

1.Importance of English language in India

Learning English has never been so important for Indian students. Almost every institute in India has adopted English as the medium of imparting knowledge. From admission forms to textbooks, every resource is available mostly in English these days.

Whatever stream you belong to, you might need the help of research papers during your graduation. Today most of the research and academic papers that were previously written in native languages are also written in English languages. For instance, the ratio of papers written in English to that in Dutch is 40:1. (source).

Indian aspirants who dream of going abroad for jobs or studies must also know English. Getting admission in foreign universities is tough for those who lack communication skills. Since English is a globally accepted language, students must have proficiency in verbal and written English to apply and get selected in their dream institute. Also, many countries ask students to clear an English proficiency test- IELTS, for instance- before applying for a Visa. It helps them know if they are welcoming the right talent to their country. To sum up, it is important to learn English for students, because:

  • Almost all books are available in the English language.
  • The vocabulary and terminology in any field like science, economics, technology, medicine, Space, etc. are available only in English.
  • All competitive exams for higher studies are written in English.
  • English enjoys the status of official language by UNO.
  • Students who wish to travel abroad for higher studies have to clear competitive exams in the English language.

2.For Seeking Better Job Opportunities

This is another reason why spoken English is important in India. English is the language of opportunities. Hence, it plays a pivotal role in the employment sector. Students from various disciples of the knowledge look for job opportunities in and across the country. Organizations often look for candidates with exceptional communication skills and good command over English. This is because the majority of organizations have an international clientele and English is a common language for them to interact. Many jobs like IELTS Tutor and English professional. Hence, they look for employees that are not only technically sound but are proficient in English.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that aspirants with good command over English are at a higher chance of getting hired in a multinational company than those with just technical proficiency.

3.For the advancement in science and technology

We are living in the age of science. Technology is changing the world at a terrific speed. All thanks to the scientific and technological progress made in various corners of the world. While India ranks sixth in scientific output, we still need to push ourselves. (source)

Brain drain is causing major concerns for our country – Indian professionals migrate to European and American countries for better prospects. (Source).

In order to change our status from developing to a developed nation, we need to produce more talent within the country who could help us achieve the same. Again, English plays a crucial role here. To keep pace with the developed nations, it is crucial that we do all the scientific and technological research in our own land. We can achieve this only through the knowledge of these subjects. Eventually, to produce a greater number of scientists and technicians, we must teach English to our people. Hence, it is important to learn English in India.

4. To enhance your network and build connections

We are living in a small world – connected globally 24/7. People these days look for digital channels to enhance their networking and build connections, both personal and professional. With the increase in various social media platforms, people prefer interacting with friends, families, peers and even new people digitally. It is convenient to communicate with people living in the same country or city in native or regional languages.

However, connecting with those sitting miles away in other countries is challenging. You need a common language to express and understand. Here’s where English seems important. Being a global language, English is understood in most of the countries. Hence, it gets easier to communicate with people around the world when you know English.

5. To explore different cultures

Imagine you are in New York and you’ve lost in the middle of somewhere. You can see the signboards, have access to the map but are unable to understand anything. You seek help from the passer-by but fail because you do not have a common language to communicate. Travelling to a foreign land without having knowledge of their native language can make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. You can visualize what’s around you, feel it but cannot understand anything. But if you know English, your travelling gets a lot easier, no matter where you go. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that English is your passport to travel the world.

6. To understand what’s there online

Apart from being an official language and the global language, English is also considered as the ‘language of the Internet’. Why?

  • It is a universal language and chosen by people of different nationalities as a common means of communication.
  • The US and UK developed English. Hence, it is quite natural to have most of its content written in the English language. (source).

For this reason, people opt for English when they want to post their content online and increase their chances of getting maximum shares. Whether you are looking for food blogs, political articles or sports updates, you will find everything shared in English. Hence, learning English gives you access to a much wider choice of information online.

7. To help you stand out

It’d be unfair to say that people with a firm grasp on English belong to the ‘elite’ class. However, having the skills to speak and write English can definitely make you stand out from the rest. How? English is a mandatory language in India and outside. By learning English, you could stand anywhere and talk with anybody, whether you are a student or a working professional. It improves your CV and increases your chance of getting hired.

You could attend conferences, events and talk shows by your favourite personalities. You don’t need to rely on anybody for seeking any information. What more? It is sure to boost your confidence. When you have the right way to express yourself, you can better present yourself.

Importance of English Language In India – The Final Say

importance of english language in India pdf

There is no denying people have been increasingly realizing the importance of English language in India. By getting mastery over English, one can share their thoughts, knowledge, gather information, etc and grow with the challenging world.

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