Pursuing an MBA is one of the most glamorous courses in India. Several students work hard to see themselves get an MBA degree and fulfill their parents’ wish. Did you ever ask yourself this question, is it worth it to do an MBA in India? Perhaps you will have a change of mind if you get to know why you should go for an MBA in Canada.

This staggering fact will wash over you. An Assocham Education Committee study states that only 7% of MBA graduates from Indian business schools get jobs after completing the course. The report further says that MBA students spend about 3 to 5 lacs on a 24 months MBA program on average. These MBA graduates get only 8000 to 10000 rupees salary per month.

Don’t let this harsh truth make you down in the dumps. We are presenting you with a solution. If there is a burning desire inside you to become an MBA degree holder, it would be best to pursue MBA courses in Canada.

What’s unique in the best MBA colleges in Canada?

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Best MBA colleges in Canada

An obvious query may brush your mind: why not go for an MBA degree in some other country, and why care to get a Master in Business Administration in Canada? If you want to study MBA in Canada, then this question, “how to apply for an MBA in Canada?” must be on your mind.

Canada is one of the most progressive and liberal countries in the world. It welcomes immigrants with open arms and ensures they get a better living. It should interest you to know Canada has pulled 642,000 international students in 2019, which has placed this country in the top three countries for foreign student attraction. There won’t be any surprise if Canada manages to dethrone the United States of America in this race and acquire number one in the distant future.

What’s more significant than the above fact, Canada wants to enhance its global position in higher education. In 2013, the Canadian government launched an International Education Strategy to entice international students and researchers. This strategy opens up golden opportunities to many students from third-world countries who dream to make it big in Canada.

Allow us to enlighten you with some eye-popping benefits you would get if you study MBA from the top MBA colleges in Canada.

Benefits of doing MBA in Canada

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Benefits of doing MBA in Canada

In 2018, Canadian business schools noticed a 16.4% growth in their international applicants, alluring many MBA candidates worldwide. Studying from the best MBA schools in Canada will cost you less than in the US. The fee structure is not what makes Canadian universities the best, but you would get plenty of other facilities.

● Work while studying

Canada is by far the most welcoming country when it comes to international students. Studying abroad often burdens you with mountains of paperwork. Not to mention, several countries have a strict policy on immigration. There is a surge of anti-immigration law sentiments in some western countries, but Canada is well-known for all-inclusiveness.

The cost of doing MBA in Canada is not punishing because students who have work permits can stay in Canada and work alongside while pursuing their MBA degree. An international student can work for twenty hours weekly and go for a full-time job during vacations. Such internship programs provided by Canadian universities help overseas students a great deal to make their ends meet.

● Study gap is no issue in the best universities in Canada for MBA

Some students quit their studies because of personal or financial reasons. When challenging situations slow down for them, it is hard for them to get admission to higher studies due to the study gap. However, University Canada West, popularly known as UCW, allows students with a study gap if they have a proper justification. It would interest you to know UCW keeps upgrading its courses for the betterment of students.

UCW also offers scholarships or grants to international students so that they can save up to CAD 20,000 tuition fees. The only thing is students have to work hard to get this scholarship. In any case, if a student acquires a low score, there are chances the scholarship can get canceled.

● Students choose their faculty in MBA universities in Canada

Top MBA colleges in Canada allow students to select their faculty. A student can choose a professor for a particular course. However, one must register for such courses on time because many students tend to choose as per their preferences.

● Excellent work-life balance

The life of a working-class person is terrible, but Canadian professionals experience a better standard of living. According to a 2018 survey, more than 66.6% of Canadian workers rated their work-life balance between good to excellent. 35% of employees said work-life balance is improving from what it was three years ago. Canada offers a work culture that enables a person to learn English and French.

● Best student experience

How to get admission in Canada for MBA? This question rules many students’ minds, but you should also think about the city you’re going to study in. The good news is, Montreal always gets a place in the top ten best cities for students. In 2023, this city got 6th position in the QS ranking for cost of living, high-quality food, and a diverse population.

● High paying jobs

The entire goal of studying for an MBA in Canada is to get high returns on the investment you have made. A 2019 report states Canadian MBA holders earn more than UK or Australian MBA. The average bonuses are equally rewarding. So, on average, an MBA holder can earn up to US $111,100 annually. The earning is higher than the investment that is CAD 20,000 to CAD 60,000 per annum.

Top MBA colleges in Canada with fee structure

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Top MBA colleges in Canada with fee Structure

You will come across many top B schools in Canada. The following top 5 universities in Canada for MBA have an exciting prospect to offer. Mindmine Global will help you find the top MBA colleges if none of the below impress you.

● HEC Montreal

Another big name that provides many MBA courses in Canada is this international business school. An international student may have to pay a tuition fee for an estimate of $54 000. This college has a proven record of fulfilling a career for its students with a 91% average placement rate and a 28% average salary increment. Alumni of this college will have a bright future in the business world.

● Rotman School of Management

Hailed as one of the world-class schools for MBA programs, Rotman offers five MBA programs. Full MBA that lasts for 24 months has the cost of CAD 127,930 for international students.

● Ivey Business School

This business school offers multiple MBA programs and has a track record of excellent leaders in the business world. For a 1 year MBA in Canada, Ivey Business has a fee structure of $107,950, which is much cheaper than universities like Rotman or Harvard.

● The University of Canada West gives MBA scholarship in Canada

Apart from providing scholarships for MBA students and other facilities, UCW is one of Canada’s top universities for MBA. The tuition fees amount only to $35,100 for international students.

● Queen’s School of Business

Established in 1919, Queen’s School of Business has several MBA programs and is hailed as one of the most prestigious educational institutes globally. The fee structure is relatively cheap for a full-time MBA, which is $102,100 for international students.

Remember the above five are some of the many universities that offer the best MBA programs in Canada. No way the above list is intended to be as the only five options.

Some notable alumni of top MBA colleges in Canada

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Some notable alumni of top MBA colleges in Canada

Business people think differently and create ecosystems in their businesses. One learns several great lessons at MBA programs that turn students into top leaders, decision-makers, and organizers. The following are some notable MBA alumni who will help you put the rest to the question, “is it worth doing MBA from Canada?” and go for it.

Inez Jabalpurwala
Alumni of McGill University, one of the best MBA schools in Canada, Inez Jabalpurwala, was the CEO and founding president of Brain Canada Foundation. During her work tenure from 2001 to 2020, she made Brain Canada one of the leading non-government funders of brain research.

William Downe
Also known as Bill Downe, he worked as CEO of Bank of Montreal from 2007 to 2017. Bill got his MBA degree in 1978 from the Rotman University of Toronto, which has the best MBA programs in Canada.

John Hastings
CEO and Chairman of Citibank Canada, he got his MBA in 1983 from the Rotman University of Toronto, which is easily one of the top MBA schools in Canada.

Paruksheen Dhunjisha
A 2020 MBA alumnus, Paruksheen co-founded GiveAMask.ca from Schulich School Of Business.

Meredith Bayley
She got a job in a sales leadership role with Johnson & Johnson during on-campus recruitment. Meredith attributes all her career success to what she learned in her MBA program at Smith School of Business.

Not to mention, many entrepreneurs have made it big in their lives and are MBA graduates. The above ones are just some of many successful MBA degree holders. MBA colleges in Canada will help you learn all these skills so that you can become a successful business person or work in prestigious companies. Keep in mind that you have to work hard and stand out from others as there can be plenty of competition.

Reasons to choose us for doing MBA in Canada

Reasons to choose Mindmine Global for doing MBA in Canada

You will come across plenty of educational institutes that claim to offer you admissions to top universities in Canada for MBA. The problem is not every one of them is equipped with the expertise to help you out in every requirement. Mindmine Global is ahead of the curve. Let us put forward some reasons why.

● Helping with immigration and MBA programs in Canada

Plenty of educational institutes do not provide this facility. You will come across specific agencies that make fake claims that harm students’ careers. At worst, the Canadian government can reject student visas if they find any fraudulency in the immigration process. We have a systematic immigration policy to help you immigrate to Canada. We will make you aware of popular ways such as Start-Up Visa, Investor Immigration, Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Programs, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, and Quebec Skilled Workers Program. Talk to us and check your eligibility.

● Train you for MBA courses in Canada

Unlike many other institutes, our job is not only to send you to the top 10 MBA schools in Canada but make you prepare as well. We have developed several courses such as Business Communication, Spoken English, Voice and Accent, and English communication skills to make you competent. Not only courses, but we train you with various examinations. With our expertise and training, you can pass IELTS, GMAT, Duolingo, PTE, TOEFL, and OET.

● Value-added services

We have written several blogs for you so that you can understand various things you have to crack to get entry into good MBA colleges in Canada, UK, or Australia. You will find multiple guides of overseas immigration, writing, listening, and speaking tips on English.

● Testimonials from students


The proof of the pudding is in eating. You will come across many testimonials from students who enroll in our courses and are now studying or working abroad. Even the Covid-19 pandemic has failed to impact our online classes. Our trainers and counselors are always there to address your queries. You are just one step away from taking the benefits of our services.


Studying abroad is everyone’s dream as it provides better opportunities, high income, and a higher standard of living. Many of you even planned to become a permanent resident of Canada. But let this fact sink in, many Indian student visas get rejected because of wrong choice of course, improper filing, lack of financial means, study plans, etc.

Without proper guidance, you will feel like sailing on a boat that has lost its direction. Mindmine Global not only provides you with appropriate training but makes sure nothing stops you from achieving your dream. Whether helping you with immigration or preparing you with verbal and written skills, you can count on us.