In case you are planning to study any course in New Zealand for more than 3 months you will need a student visa. The government of New Zealand provides different types of student visas as per requirements and fee type. Here are the common types to apply for

  • Fee-paying New Zealand student visa: This allows you to study for regular courses up to four years of time and will also allow you to work part-time.Here you need to pay the full tuition fees and get yourself enrolled in the said course.
  • Exchange students visa: this one is also granted for full-time courses up to four years however with an approved student for an exchange program.
  • The foreign government supported students visa: This one allows to pursue full timecourses up to four years on a foreign government grant or fellowship basis.
  • Pathway student visa: A very unique visa program offered by the New Zealand government where you can study up to 5 years for 3 consecutive courses on a single student visa with a part-time work permit.

Eligibility for a student visa

Here are the eligibility for fulfilling the New Zealand study visa requirements:

  • First, you must be accepted into a course in an educational institution which is approved by the government of New Zealand or NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority)
  • Have NZD 1,250 per month in case your course duration is less than nine months
  • While having NZD 15,000 for each year in case your course duration is any longer than nine months

New Zealand study visa requirements:

Now that eligibility criteria have been checked out, here are the documents necessary for your student visa application.

  • Identification proofs: Attach your passport copy, along with the birth certificate and nationalized identification from your country or driving license.
  • Evidence of intended course acceptance: A copy of an offer letter of intended course approved by any educational institute having authorization from NZQA.
  • Health insurance: when you apply for a student visa you must be under insurance coverage from the time you enroll to the date of your visa expiration.
  • Funds: A major visa requirements criteria in New Zealand is showing that you have appropriate funds to survive and support your stay in the country.
    • You must submit a written guarantee from the institute enrolled or in person that suitable accommodation will be available to you while you stay in the country.
    • This is especially mandatory in case you are under eighteen years of age.
    • Return air ticket or evidence to show funds for sponsoring the same.
    • In case you are being sponsored make sure that the sponsor can meet all your financial requirements.
    • Ensure that the sponsors pay any costs charged by the immigration department in case they ask you to leave.
    • In case you have a guarantor, the guarantor must provide funding and financial documents.
  • Health certificates: This one solely depends on your length of stay in New Zealand.

    • In case your stay is going to be somewhere between six to twelve months you need to have a chest X-ray certificate from form INZ 1096 especially in case you have been living in countries which are not in the list of low tuberculosis incidence countries list for more than three months.
    • In case your course duration is more than a year you need to give a general medical certificate form INZ 1007 and a chest X-ray certificate form INZ 1096
  • Character certificate: The deciding factor for your visa approval is a clean and clear character certificate. In case you stay in the country is for more than two years. Then you need to give police certificate which clearly states you have no criminal records.
  • Employment history: In case you have prior work experiences you need to share details about your previous employers.

study work visa new zealandBand requirement for New Zealand study visa after graduation

Now as the country is a mostly English speaking nation, you need to give evidence for your English language proficiency. You have to submit test scores from either IELTS or TOEFL.

New Zealand study visa band requirement score generally acceptable comes around 5 to 6.5. 3, PTE minimum score comes around 43-65 however type of exam and band score requirement depending strictly on the institute and the level, of course, you are intending to apply in.

New Zealand study visa without IELTS requirements Non-native English language speaking international students are exempted from the IELTS, TOEFL or PTE requirement by the New Zealand Qualifications.

The authority under the non-university tertiary education provider system. The NZQA approved category 1 institutions have their own English language proficiency analysis setups. Thus TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS scores are exempted.

Allowed part-time work hours

You will be allowed to work 20 hours per week. In case you are pursuing a full-time course for a minimum of 1 year or more. In case you have long semester breaks you are allowed to work full time provided your course is worth 120 credits. For students pursuing higher degrees like Ph.D. or masters, they don’t have any obligation in study work hours.

New Zealand post study work visa

In case you have qualifications fulfilling the job requirements which you have acquired from New Zealand you are allowed to have a work visa. The length of your stay will vary in 1, 2 or 3 years. Such a visa will allow working for any type of legal job in New Zealand.

However, note that you can apply for this only once unless you have 2nd highest qualifications at bachelors’ degree or higher levels.


Fee-paying students have to spend around 22 – 25 lakh INR per year. The permitted family members whose account can be shown includes.

  • Spouse
  • Parents
  • Parents in law
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents

The type of savings account allowed are

  • FDR
  • Education loans
  • GPF of parents
  • PPF
  • LAP

New Zealand study visa processing time

The average processing time for an online student visa is 20 days. For the paper application, it is around 25 days.

New Zealand study visa consultant

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