Several bright students nurture a desire to study abroad once they finish their bachelor’s degree. Long answer short: why not earn money in dollars and make your parents proud? Pursue PG diploma courses in Canada.

Canada is increasingly becoming the preferred destination for higher studies and attracting students from all over the world. So, how can a PG diploma course from a university in Canada boost your career?

Let’s find out.

Canada is the best country to pursue post graduate diploma courses



Canada stands for progressive and liberal values. It’s one of the few countries that invite immigrants with open arms. In 2019, Canada attracted 642,000 international students for higher studies. This number placed the country third in the list of global student attractions. One can argue Canada may dethrone the USA and become number one soon.

Not to mention, Canada has been coming up with various policies to enhance its global ranking in higher education. For example, in 2013, the Canadian government initiated an International Education Strategy to lure international students and researchers. Such strategies make golden opportunities for many students from third-world countries who want to study abroad.

If students want to study in Canada, the above facts make their desire more logical. The best colleges in Canada for PG diplomas provide students with a bright career and high earning job. Let us dive deeper into the benefits of pursuing PG diploma courses in Canada.

Advantages of Post Graduate diploma courses in Canada for international students

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Canada is known for its multicultural society that is warm and welcoming in nature. Top Canadian universities not only provide their students with advanced education but many other facilities. The following benefits will attract any interested candidate.

Affordable PG programs

Acquiring a scholarship is not a cakewalk if you feel you are an average student when it comes to academic grades. Students often take a hefty study loan but struggle to get a job after finishing the course, and their parents have to pay the debts. The best part is that a PG diploma in Canada is relatively less expensive. You can not only study and work but repaying the loan will not break your back.

PG diploma courses in Canada with co-op options

Many Canadian universities offer the cheapest post graduate diploma in Canada and allow students to do internships with industries and institutes. This option also helps you financially while studying, and when you work with a PG diploma, it will create a good rapport. After finishing your course, you can also apply for a residence permit in Canada and get settled.

The practical approach of PG diploma in Canada

Doing PG diplomas in Canada equips you with practical knowledge compared to other post-graduate master degrees. You will acquire a good amount of expertise in different sectors learning how to fix problems proficiently.

Post graduate diploma with PGWP

One of the fantastic benefits of post-graduation courses in Canada is that some universities offer free post-graduate work permits. It means you don’t have to spend money on a work permit visa.

If you do one year of PG diploma, you avail one year of work permit. If you do two years of PG diploma, you can get two years of work permit. This benefit exemplifies Canada’s willingness to hire talented people. Keep in mind the timeframe of the work permit may vary from university to university.

Work-life balance and student experience

Canadian professionals live a dream job life without a doubt. A 2018 survey revealed that more than 66.6% of Canadian workers find their work-life between good to excellent. The survey also showed 35% of employees feel their work-life balance is improving compared to three years ago. Montreal continuously acquires a spot in the top ten best cities for students. In 2023, Montreal bagged 6th position in the QS ranking, stating that students enjoyed high-quality food, better living cost, and living with a diverse population.

List of post graduate diploma courses in Canada

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Students who have completed postgraduate courses in Canada will undoubtedly get high-paying jobs. The following are some of the courses you can look into and research before applying. The schedule can get changed or updated. You have to keep an eye on these factors; it would be best to go to the official website of the specific college or university you are looking for.

Post-Degree Diploma in Sustainable Business Practices from College of the Rockies

This course has subjects such as accounting, general or project management, economics, marketing, etc. With these subjects, you can develop specific knowledge in business practices. The course lasts for two years with tuition fees for international students of CAD 25,400.53.

The early admission intakes started on November 1, 2020, for the years 2021-2021. The admission eligibility is a graduate from Commerce, Finance, or Tourism with Dean’s permission letter. IELTS assessment score should be 6.0 in all bands and 6.5 overall.

Postgraduate Diploma in Canadian Nursing with Co-op from Stenberg College

This program makes nurses become licensed practical nurses or registered nurses in Canada. The students learn Canadian medical terminology, interpersonal communication, gain experience through co-op, practicums, and clinical placements. This full-time course lasts for 108 weeks with 48 weeks of a co-op. You can also avail financial aid.

The admission intakes start four times per year in January, April, June, and September. The student should have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing with an IELTS score of 6.0 in speaking and listening. Not less than 5.5 in writing and reading.

Financial Management from University of Winnipeg

This program lasts for 24 months, with a total cost for international students of CAD 24,680. The students will learn managerial skills, accounting, financial knowledge, and expertise required in the accounting and financial industry.

With a minimum undergraduate degree in Commerce, Finance, or accounting, a student should have an IELTS score of 6.5 overall. The admission intakes start on Jan 6th of every year.

Project Management from Georgian College

This program lasts for one year with two semesters. It will cover leadership, business, technical, and strategic management subjects.

The admission intakes start in the fall of 2021, winter 2022, and summer 2022. The admission eligibility is a student must be a post-secondary diploma or degree holder.

Hospitality – Hotel Operations Management from George Brown College

This program teaches you various hospitality practices such as front office, food/beverages, marketing and sales, conferences, and catering. The tuition fee for international students is CAD 14,600 for two semesters and CAD 21,900 for three semesters.

The students should have a secondary diploma, grade 12 English, and Grade 11 Math. Starting admission intakes are Jan, May, and September of every year.

Supply Chain Management from Centennial College

This program is designed to build a strong foundation in supply chain and logistics leaders. You can also co-op while pursuing this program.

The admission eligibility is that students should have a degree in any discipline. IELTS score should be 6.5 with no band score less than 6.0. The admission intakes are mid-July, mid-December, and mid-April. Tuition and fees for international students are CAD 17,351.04.

Computer Systems Technology from VCC

With start dates of May 2021 and September 2021, this program will equip students with all major subjects in the information technology industry.

A student should be a Grade 12 graduate with English proficiency of Grade 12, level C. The tuition fee is CAD 44,149.

The above list of diploma courses in Canada is not exhaustive; you will come across many PGDM colleges in Canada. Make sure you research before applying to any college you like. Always check the eligibility criteria, duration, and admission intakes before you apply. As you can notice, not every college or university provides scholarships to the students; you have to be careful in this regard. Think before and enroll in any course; all you do is make a well-informed choice so that you won’t regret it.

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You have the full right to realize your dream to study abroad as it provides you with better opportunities, high-paying jobs, and a higher standard of living. The best part is, you can even become a permanent resident of Canada. Just ensure you have enough financial means, required legal documents, study plans, and so on. Many students face rejection on their student visas because they don’t meet specific criteria.

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