Returns and Exchanges

Our return and exchange policy is designed to ensure your satisfaction with your book purchase. Please review the following guidelines:


To be eligible for a return or exchange, the following conditions must be met:

  • The request must be made within 7 days of your purchase.
  • The book must be unused and in the same condition as when you received it.
  • It should be returned in its original packaging.

Non-Returnable Scenarios:

We regret that returns are not possible under the following circumstances:

  • If the time for placing the return request has passed.
  • Items returned without original packaging, tags, freebies, or accessories.
  • Books damaged due to use or not returned in the same condition as received.
  • Any book that has been used.
  • Products that have been tampered with.
  • Damage resulting from misuse of the book.
  • Combo sets (if sold) cannot be returned individually.

Cancellation Policy:

If you send a cancellation email and your order has already been “processed,” we cannot cancel it. Mindmine Global reserves the right to decide whether an order can be cancelled. Customers agree not to dispute our decision regarding cancellation.

Refund Policy

Cancellation Before Shipping:

If you cancel your order before the product has shipped, we will refund the entire amount.

Refund Modes:

  • Back to Source: If you choose this option, the money will be refunded to the original payment mode/account used for the transaction.
  • Once you request the cancellation of item(s) in your order, we will complete the cancellation and initiate the refund based on your preference.

Please feel free to write to us at