The colleges and universities in Canada offer scholarships to the meritorious international students to study in the country. If you want to study in Canada, you should have an idea about the available Scholarships and Cost of Study in Canada for Indian Students. So, read on.

The Canadian government, public and private institutions are also engaged in offering such grants or scholarships to the deserving students. Top universities want to groom such aspirants and present them with opportunities which can help them frame their career.

There are various reasons for the students to think about getting higher education in foreign countries. In India also students consider the thought of applying in universities abroad and Canada tops the chart for the same. The reasons are simple. The Canadian universities offering quality education to the students. Moreover, the cost of education in Canada is less as compared to other countries like the USA and the UK.

Study in Canada for Indian Students

Pursuing higher studies in Canada is a cherished dream for many students. But the tuition fee for various institutions is unmanageable for several Indians. Recognizing the importance of education, several business institutions unite with educational institutions to fund the study of meritorious students abroad in the form of scholarships.

Requirements for Indian students to study in Canada

The country has opened new formats for faster immigration for visa application for the Indian students. One of the options is the Student Direct Stream or SDS. Students from India, China, Philippines, and Vietnam get the visa on a priority basis. Visa processing takes 5 weeks, but with the help of the new system, the duration is cut short by 25%. The students need to have higher English or French-speaking quality to qualify in the test. The requirements include:

  • Show the acceptance letter from Canadian University to show that you have been accepted.
  • Show the copy of a medical examination conducted by a doctor listed in the Canadian panel of physicians.
  • Inclusion of guaranteed Investment Certificate
  • Proof of payment made to the university
  • The score of IELTS or TOEFL to prove the ability of English.

Why International students choose to study in Canada?

Canada tops the chart for international students.

  • The prime reason for international students to choose Canada as the quality of education offered in the country. The university programs are equivalent to the ones in the USA and the UK. The faculty members are highly proficient in their respective discipline and can offer the best education.
  • The cost of studying in Canada is cheaper as compared to the USA and this too stands as one of the major reasons for the students to choose Canada as their higher studies destination.
  • The students get the facility to work in the country. While they can work for 20 hours a week during the program, they can work full-time during vacations.
  • Canada is a safe country and a lot of Indians are there. This serves as a major choice for international students as they want to study in a foreign country which is safe.
  • The immigration process is slightly lenient as compared to the USA and the students also get a chance to avail the work permit in the country while they are studying or after the completion of the successive time frame which can make them eligible for supply for the work visa.

Scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students

  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship

This is intended for the postgraduates from around the globe needing to seek after a doctorate program in Canada. 7 grants are offered each year. The expense of every grant is $40,000 CAD which is paid to cover the costs towards the educational cost and different costs for a long time. It very well may be re-established whenever justified.

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The scholarship is offered to international students for doctoral courses in varied options in the country. It is for 3 years and the cost of scholarship is $50,000CAD. The areas covered are healthcare, national sciences, engineering research, and humanities research.

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships

The doctoral program awards to $5000 CAD per session. This can be offered as scholarships for Indian students. The maximum duration for these scholarships is 6 years. It is offered to the students who are pursuing doctoral studies in varied fields.

  • University of Calgary Graduate Awards

This university offers scholarships to meritorious international students in varied fields starting from High school and is extended to doctoral studies.

  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships UMGF

This university offers $14000 CAD for a master’s degree and $18000 CAD for doctoral programs. Even students pursuing are eligible for fellowship scholarships. The students can get UMGF in the first 2 years of their master’s program and the first 48 months of their doctoral program. The maximum support for funds is limited to 48 months.

Cost of Study in Canada for Indian students

Studying abroad is an expensive affair for Indian students. But the good news is that Canada is slightly cheaper in this context as compared to the USA and the UK. Quality education can be achieved at a lower tuition fee. But still, the students have to be prepared to meet the expenses of accommodation, health, and food.

  • The prime expenditure is tuition fee. The amount varied as per the type of education and institution but still, approximately $7000-$29000 CAD per year is required. Humanities are cheaper than engineering and medical science. For postgraduate level study and MBA programs, the cost will shoot up to $40000 CAD.
  • Accommodation cost has to be calculated. Several universities offer on-campus accommodation to the students. This can vary from $8000-10000CAD per year. Living in a shared apartment can incur a cost of $400-$700CAD per month. The rentals vary from city to city.
  • Student visa and permit also adds to the cost of studying abroad. $150CAD is the cost of student visa application for Canada.
  • Living expenses include grocery shopping, entertainment, and social activities, and emergency situations. It is also important to make a budget and keep a track of the expenditure in a foreign country. The budget requirement can be roughly estimated to $15000 CAD. This should include communication expense also. Books and supplies and other expenses also need to be considered.
  • Health and insurance is a must while studying in Canada. This has to be achieved before the commencement of the educational program in the country. The cost of medical insurance will range from $300-$800 per year.
  • Transportation cost adds to the expenses. Public transport is easily available in the country. The students can easily avail subway, regional trains, buses, or cabs for their convenience.
  • Even students studying in the country need to pay taxes. Indian students can have a Social Insurance Number or SIN and they are allowed to work 20 hours per week during academic sessions. They can work full time during vacations. This income becomes taxable. The government can even tax the scholarship awardees.

Study MS in Canada for Indian students

The universities in Canada require the aspirants to have 16 years of education which includes 4-year Bachelor’s degree. The students need to have a GPA of 3 on a scale of 4 as per academic requirement. This means that 65-70% or CGPA 7.0-7.5 in Indian students.

Cost of MS in University of Waterloo

It is ranked as the first for engineering and second for computer science in Canada. MS for the international student will cost INR 3, 42,949 per term for the full course. The time period for the course is 12-24 months.

Cost of MS in University of British Columbia

Duration of the course is 12-24 months and the tuition fee per year for the full term course is INR 4, 44,555. The university is quite well-known and is a good option for MS.

Cost of MS at McGill University

This university is popular for its rich academic ambience. Several students look forward to getting admission in the university. For the full term course, the cost is INR 4, 22,961.

Cost of MS at McMaster University

This is a very popular university in Canada. The cost to study MS here is INR 8.83.268 for the full course.

Cost of MS in University of Montreal

In this university, the students need to shell out INR 4, 22,926 per session and INR 21,958 per thesis. It is one of the renowned universities in the country.

These are some of the premier universities and the cost of MS study at the university in Canada. However, there are several other universities as well which are offering similar courses to the students.

Study MBBS in Canada for International students

In total there are about 17 medical schools in Canada offering education to become a doctor. It is not possible for the international student to get admission in such educational institutions. Normally, students who are non-residents in the country are not granted admission in these institutions unless they have been recommended by the government. However, international students can consider taking specialization studies in other areas in the medical field.

Study Nursing in Canada for international students

As an international student, the University of Toronto is the finest place to study Nursing. There are several trusted nursing colleges in Ontario where the aspirants can accept the programs which can make them eligible for a PG Work permit. The course is available in the country and various universities are known to offer the best courses in Nursing.

Some of the other universities offering Nursing program are as follows:

  • University of Ottawa
  • Western University
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Alberta
  • McGill University
  • Queen’s University

Can International Students study law in Canada?

Yes, international students can study Law in Canada. The best and common option available is the Juris Doctor degree in Common Law. Most of the Canadian law schools do not permit the aspirants entry directly after High School. The students have to complete 2-4 years of undergraduate study before. There are few experts who can guide the students about the best law universities and the students can get a better insight about the same. For MBBS, Canada has limitations for international students but the same does not exist for the law students. As a matter of fact, Canada is one of the best places for students who want to pursue law.

PHD studies in Canada for international students

Canada is a great place for students who wish to study PHD. There are several programs at the University which can empower the students to do their research. The research can be done in any disciple including social sciences.  Health research is one of the most common subjects for students nowadays. This change has been witnessed because people have become fitness conscious and new findings help people to maintain their health. PHD courses can be pursued in universities in Canada. A few pointers which make the country popular for such courses are mentioned below:

  • There are several internationally renowned universities.
  • The fees for the program is generally cheaper than the USA
  • Successful completion of the doctoral levels can help the students to get employment opportunities in the country which can open the pathway to permanent residency too.

Study in Canada Indian Students

Canada offers quality education to the students. There are few facts which the Indian students must know before applying for higher studies in Canada:

  • Canada has a great ranking in terms of universities offering higher education to international students.
  • There are 3 intakes in Canada which are in the months of January, May, and September. The application process should start 1-1.5 year ahead of the intake. May has the least intakes and September has the highest intakes.
  • Students planning to go for postgraduate degrees must be aware of the fact that Canadian universities accept the application of the students who have 16 years of education. Indian students required to take 1 year of postgraduate or graduate certificate course in the country totally required 16 years of education.

Study in Canada for Bangladeshi students

The students in Bangladesh should wait for their SSC or HSC scores and then start shortlisting the universities in Canada where they wish to apply. Then they should apply for the visa. The application submission either online or offline. The students have to see the university which is offering the course of their choice. They can even apply for the work visa if they wish to work and study simultaneously. The expert can provide the students with the best information about the rules for studying in Canada. The Embassy immigration officer can also guide the students about the formalities which can make the submission of documents easier for them.

The visa is available for certain cost and the experts will acquaint the student with the amount which has to be paid at the time of application. There are varied documents and formalities for studying in Canada which needs to be fulfilled.

Study in Canada for Indian Students cost

Thankfully, Canada is a country where the cost of education is lower than the USA and the UK for international students. Indians also have the same feelings.

  • Tuition fee is the prime expenditure, $7000-$29000CAD is required to cover this expense. The courses in Humanities and Arts are cheaper than Medicine and Engineering. For the postgraduate level also, the fee is high. The average cost of an MBA program can cost CAD$42,000.
  • Accommodation is provided on-campus. Off-campus accommodation is also available and the students can stay on a sharing basis. Staying on the campus can cost $8000-$10000CAD.
  • Visa can cost $150. The students can enquire from the Embassy in their home country and the expert will acquaint them with the requirement of documents also. English language proficiency tests and the required scores to get admission in the country.
  • The student should take health insurance from home country because health expenditure in a foreign country is very high.
  • Students can rely on public transport and shuttle services which are also easily available. Subways, buses, regional trains, cabs are easily available.
  • The students have to pay taxes while they live in Canada because they can work for 20 hours per week during their course and full time during vacation. The fixed amount given as taxes.

Canada student grant for part-time studies

Canadian student grant for part-time studies in the low and middle-income part-time program. This is also available for students beyond the undergraduate level.

The eligibility for the same is as follows:

  • Apply and qualify for the part-time student financial assistance
  • The student enrolled as a part-time student in a diploma, degree, or certificate program at an undergraduate level
  • Total family income is less than the applicable income
  • Successful completion of courses for which the student has previously received a grant.

Maximum study gap for Canada student visa

If the student is willing to study in Canada, then the gap between studies acceptable is 5 years for the PGDM courses. For the undergraduate level, the gap should be no more than 2 years. The visa conventions ought to be satisfied so it is allowed to the understudy and the individual can go effortlessly.