Best English speaking institute in Delhi

  • English is your gateway for you to accomplish your goals. Fluent communication can take you a long way as it’s considered vital in a corporate environment or even if you aspire to study abroad. So if you are looking for the best English speaking course in Delhi, you are at the right place.
  • Having a good command over English helps you build up confidence for public speaking, enhances your interview skills and gives you the self-confidence to interact with anyone without any hesitation.
  • At Mindmine Global we help you get one step closer to your goal by teaching English and getting you prepared for English proficiency tests which include IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and SAT.
  • These tests are mandatory if you plan on studying in an English-speaking country or intend to move there for work or personal reasons.
  • Teaching English has been our predominant aim, and we are assisted by highly qualified professionals that are certified by British Council and IDP for IELTS, certified by Pearson for PTE Academic test and by iBT for TOEFL.
  • So, how can we help you with your spoken English? For that, we have to understand why English is essential for everyone today.

Why is it important to improve your English-speaking?

When applying to study outside the country, a student must have good communication skills in English, but also qualify in the required English proficiency test determined by the university. Some of these tests are SAT, ACT, GRE and IELTS,which we also provide classes for, along with visa consultation services. We provide students with a rounded experience that will help them crack these exams by developing their abilities.

Best English Speaking Course in Delhi

With certified professionals, we pride ourselves with teaching methods that help you acquire the scores you need to be accepted by the university or the corporate world you intend to be affiliated with. The above named four English tests are broadly used by several institutes and are considered imperative documentation that is required by the immigration department. These tests analyze your ability to comprehend English while testing you on your skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing in various formats.

English speaking course in Delhi

We at Mindmine Global strongly believe that proficiency in English language is vital. It’s the key that will enable you to express your thoughts with ease in this world. Being the language that is globally accepted, knowing this language has become an utmost priority. There are many of you individuals out there who wish they could communicate better with their peers, colleagues, friends and family in English without any hesitation.

Comprehending the language helps one with personality development as well by giving them the confidence and boldness to interact with anyone with absolute certainty. It enhances one’s confidence and gives them the ability to reflect their thoughts to an audience while comprehending their questions as well.

Thus, knowing the language not only makes one a better speaker, but it also makes a person a better listener. It gives way to one completely understanding each sentence spoken to them and responding accurately. This notion of comprehending plays a crucial role in any conversation, be it at work or one’s personal life as it allows the people to give appropriate, relevant inputs to the discussion.

English Speaking Courses at Mindmine Global

Our English-speaking courses enable you to be understood by the people around you without any difficulty. Language, if not appropriately implemented, becomes a barrier that doesn’t have a fruitful end. Our tutors help you learn English and set you on a path for getting a better job as well, since English is the medium that is spoken in the corporate world.

In a professional environment, while hiring new employees, companies look for someone who has the proficiency to communicate with ease, as it saves time and doesn’t lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications which can have a negative result. Being able to communicate in English is considered as a necessary criterion. It is assumed to be an essential interview skill for a job in the corporate world.

It’s even a prerequisite for many job profiles that the candidate has a good command over his or her spoken English, if not no matter how brilliant a resume you have, your profile might fall short. Communication in a corporate world is considered a key and which is why we aim to groom you for these highly qualified positions that you have been aspiring towards. This kind of work also requires the person not only to speak and comprehend English fluently but also needs them to be able to read and comprehensively write English. Get ready to arm yourselves with these skills with our English speaking course in Delhi.

English speaking training

  • The English proficiency tests that we mentioned earlier focuses on helping you get better with all four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • While preparing you for these English tests, we at Mindmine Global are also equipping you to take up challenges in your professional lives where you can take charge and overcome these hurdles that you faced before.
  • Many workspaces also require one to travel and knowing English is exceedingly helpful in these scenarios as it gives you the benefit over someone who lacks these communication skills.
  • Spoken English in a professional and personal space gives way to a better conversation that involves a dialect inclusive of respect and eliminates the risk of having a statement that can be potentially problematic.
  • At Mindmine Global’s English Speaking Course in Delhi, we help our students to overcome this gap created between one’s thoughts and spoken English and help translate one’s ideas into well-spoken, precise words.
  • It allows you to express your thoughts the way you intend it to be, rather than creating any doubt to the listeners. This is our primary focus at Mindmine Global, to make the students ready to have coherent conversations.
  • Our English-speaking institute impresses on the importance of knowing the English language since it is the world’s largest spoken language
  • It opens up several new opportunities for you, be it a job or be it public speaking or merely being understood.
  • Our spoken English classes also act as remedial classes for those who may perform well in the writing section of the international English proficiency tests; but have trouble with the sections on speaking or listening.

Learning English Speaking in Groups

  • With the English-speaking classes, we conduct, one can always benefit from learning in groups, as it helps to bounce ideas off each other and learn from each other as well.
  • It also helps in giving you a stepping foot into speaking in public, and by providing the confidence you lack.
  • We find it to be beneficial to learn amongst people who are at a similar level of English prowess as you, to build your self-esteem and not feel lost in a crowd.
  • learning from your peers has several benefits and we at Mindmine Global make sure you tap your potential during our classes.
  • The classes conducted by our tutors help each individual grow by assessing their weak points and help them build a strong foundation that overcomes these issues.
  • With this teaching method, we believe we are motivating our students and helping them with all-rounded personality development.
  • Like public speaking courses, we also encourage our students to speak up and communicate with each other and provide them with a platform where they can participate in voicing out their opinions and ideas.
  • In these English courses, the inclusion of public speaking has proven to be reassuring for our students and convinces them that they can converse in any given environment.

English presentation skills training at Mindmine Global

However, at Mindmine Global, we don’t simply prepare you for tests- we prepare you for real life. Apart from spoken English, our curriculum also stresses on practical English presentation skills and vocabulary building. Apart from that, at our institute, we also organize group discussions which make students more confident about participating in real-life workplace discussions.We also help our students polish their interview skills. Be it appearing for job interviews or talking to prospective clients or partners- developing your interview skills are crucial. Acing interviews requires more than simple English speaking- you have to look at other factors like grooming, public speaking, body-language and voice modulation. You have to be prepared to think on your feet and tackle surprise questions, as well as give polished, smart answers for questions that are common.

These are of practical use for professionals from all walks of life. You can hardly imagine any corporate job today that does not require making presentations, or participating in group meetings or client discussions. So, if you take the English-speaking course at Mindmine Global, not only will our tutors help you improve your English, but also prepare you for practical life situations which will help you further your career.

Remember, our aim is to not just improve your spoken English skills. We prepare you so that you can present the best version of yourself in the professional world, and achieve your professional goals. Precisely why we are the number 1 English speaking course in Delhi.

English Speaking Course in Delhi

  • According to the census in 2011, 10.67% of India’s population speaks the English language either as their first or second language, which is about 129,260,000 Indians who talk in English on a daily basis.
  • The increase in demand for the language makes its importance more now than ever as we can see, India is catching up to the world in this globally speaking language.
  • We at Mindmine Global have spoken English classes in Delhi as we want to do our bit in educating the people with the ability to converse in English fluently.
  • We acknowledge this growing number of English-speaking population and encourage you all to come and learn the language from our highly skilled professionals who can get you equipped to be a part of any conversation.
  • Our English-speaking classes that take place in Dwarka help you to be a part of that upwardly mobile population in India who can converse with anyone in English and not feel left behind. We aim to equip you with confidence.

Popular English Proficiency Tests

Apart from being one of the renowned speaking institutes in Delhi, we also pride ourselves with the services we provide students after their English proficiency tests. We can help our students by counselling them during their visa process. We too do the same for those who wish to migrate to another country. By providing these services mentioned above along with our English-speaking courses, we are a one-stop destination for those who wish to travel to another country be it for further education or to relocate themselves.

This is the International English Language Testing System which is widely acknowledged across the globe. IELTS is an English language test which is jointly owned by British Council, IDP and Cambridge. This test assesses your English skill and has two formats: IELTS Academic and IELTS General training. Each help a different group which include those who want to pursue higher education and candidates aiming to work or immigrate to another country.

Mindmine Global is affiliated with both the British Council and IDP for IELTS test registration at Dwarka. The IELTS test makes use of a band score scale between 0-9, with 9 being the highest one can achieve. With 18th April being the upcoming test, we urge prospective students to register to be well prepared for next month.

IELTS is widely accepted and helps with the immigration to contourites like Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. Since English isn’t our first language, we have to pay extra attention to knowing the language. Since English is the second language in several countries, the likelihood of people knowing the language increases, making it essential to know for those who wish to travel for leisure and equally important for those who want to migrate to another country.

This test also helps you get a good understanding of the language, which helps the people who merely want to be able to communicate in a fluent manner. At our institute, we prepare you for all four of the aspects – reading, listening, speaking and writing which enables you to grasp the language and build the confidence to interact with anyone without any self-doubt.

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is a test mainly used by students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the USA and Canada. Our coaching of SATs doesn’t only include the English language aspects of reading and writing but also trains the students in maths, which is a part of this test. Our highly trained tutors make use of several learning techniques to ensure the students achieve good scores.

This is a test like IELTS that helps you learn all four vital aspects of communication in English which focuses on benefiting students who seek a higher education along with those who want to learn the language to be able to use in their day-to-day life. Similar to IELTS, TOEFL is also highly recognized in several countries as an appropriate measure of English proficiency.

TOEIC stands for The Test of English for International Communication. The aim of the test is to test the fluency of English among non-native speakers who are going to work in an international arena. This is very useful for professionals, because TOEIC not only focuses on the professional field, but also everyday English application.

The Pearson Test of English which we believe has gained a lot of popularity recently as it allows the students to learn the language in a shorter amount of time. We provide coaching for this computer-based test by giving our students fixable time slots where they can work on these skills.

For those who work on a tight schedule and would like to learn English, this course could be something for you. It helps get the desired results as our facility is equipped in training both primary and advanced level students.The test is also comparatively shorter in duration. it is 3 hours long, and the results are generated on the computer you give your test on.

These are a set of computerised tests available from Pearson. They are fully automated, and use advanced speech processing and speech recognition AI to measure the English fluency of non-native speakers. At Mindmine Global, you can prepare for it and take the test anytime.

The Cambridge English Assessment Test has three levels for professionals- Business Preliminary(B1), Business Vantage(B2) and Business Higher(C1). If you take these courses, they prepare for everyday business situations where professionals are required to communicate in English. At Mindmine Global, you can receive the necessary training that can help you ace tests like these.
We pride ourselves with the excellent scores achieved by our students; and the acumen of our qualified professionals who have helped our students get there. We at Mindmine Global give focused attention to our students, and help them learn the skills they are lacking. We believe in building our students’ confidence as that’s what plays an imperative role for when they are taking these tests.


“Words are but pictures of our thoughts” (John Dryden). The goal is to express one’s thoughts in a cohesive manner. Proper use of vocabulary allows us to convey the message we want and build a conversation. English proficiency is paramount since it permits healthy, meaningful discussions to take place.

Our words are a reflection of us, and we all want to communicate our thoughts comprehensively. The ability to convert these ideas into the precise words is what we at our English speaking course in Delhi, aim to do for you. We want you to be understood, and your originality is comprehended by one and all and not stopped by the barrier of language.

Good communication is important in every relationship we have, be it in our workplace or a personal environment. Being able to interact and exchange ideas are what grows our knowledge and helps us create a more in-depth understanding.

Your journey with us at Mindmine Global will make your professional and academic aspirations come true.  From English proficiency tests that will enable you to reach your goals of higher education abroad to migrating to a new country or even to ace the job interview, we can help you make your dreams come true.Come learn English through the best English speaking course in Delhi.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and join today!