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Making a decision of studying abroad may be that defining moment in a student’s education that will change his life. The major misconception that prevents the students from thinking of studying abroad is its perceived inaccessibility more than that they are extremely cautious of rejection from their dream university. They fail to understand the exact detailing of their preferred University and thus, fall flat by seeking rejection. You need a professional counselling before starting the process itself.

Mindmine Global is the best place for guidance about study overseas and the visa process.

Well, we are here to provide an insight about discovering study abroad immigration in ways beyond your imagination and expectation. Studying abroad widens your horizons by offering diversified culture, social interactions, building connections and of course world class educational facilities that go on in building holistic development.

Why you must choose Top University to Study Abroad ?

Everyone is well-aware that education is an essential aspect of building a strong foundation of students. A top university can help the student attain exposure at the global level. Having a degree from any college or university along with a good job is okay but a highly qualified student acquainted with the global world surely has the upper-hand in top-notch managerial level. Hereby, the importance of overseas education where the student gets an opportunity to interact on a global level and understand the global changes cannot be undermined.

The colleges and Universities here in India generally do not offer much in terms of interaction and exposure with the outside world. The education system and the opportunities are rare as compared to the foreign universities and colleges. Foreign Universities not only emphasis on theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge as well which is regarded as the most essential requirement to make it to the top.

Ever wondered why do so many students flock foreign destinations for their studies and ultimately foresee their settlement there? What are the plus points that lure them to come and study in an unknown territory? And most importantly why should anyone study abroad?

Top Reasons to Study Abroad

A plethora of courses to select

The international universities offer diverse course options for the students to choose from, ranging from arts to science; a student can decide the subject on not on the basis of what university offers but what they want to study. The subjects include research options and skill-based training for students giving new horizon and educational opportunities for students studying abroad.

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Explore New Culture

Getting to know the country’s culture where you will spend the next 4-5 years or more will enrich you with their unique customs, traditions, and language and whole new cultural experiences. You will become a part of the new environment that will develop your overall personality. Also, it will be a joint contribution when studying abroad, learning their culture and on the other hand contributing your own unique background and ideas. The integration of both countries traditions will actually make you an aware global citizen.

We prepare the students beforehand with a pre-departure counselling which makes us the best study abroad consultants in Delhi.

Tend to become more responsible in a foreign country

Maybe now, you might have lived in your cocoon sheltered and protected by your parents or guardians but when you are going abroad to study, you will be the headmaster of your stay.

You will be responsible for your well-being, education and of course the decisions you take. This independence will most likely to prove useful in this age of competitiveness.

Opens many employment opportunities

The students with an international degree are often considered by employers. The experience you put in by showcasing flexibility, courage, cultural awareness and understanding of how other people works keeps you ahead of other competitors. Also, global exposure in terms of internships and job applications makes you a front-runner for the employment.

Mindmine Global education consultants provide country-specific guidance and also help in “corporate polishing” to secure jobs.

Creates international exposure

Studying abroad helps students learn new dimension to handle difficult situations on their own, manage time for studies and part-time jobs, experience international method of instruction and dealing with the international crowd.

This further helps you in getting hold of the subject and life in general. You will be able to think with a wider perspective and innovative solutions for the future.

An International Socio-cultural experience

Your studying abroad will open many gates for you in terms of job options and thus, your experience doesn’t end at the campus gate. Also, you will have the chance to travel as a tourist and explore new places.

This means you will be able to experience geographies different that from India and will have many things to share with your friends and families after coming back to your home country.

Enhance your English language skills irrespective of the subject

When you study in foreign locations like US, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand you are surrounded by people who speak the English language in the majority.

Not only educational course is in English language but you use English in your free time when you meet friends, or get-togethers or takes part in activities on campus. Studying Abroad improves your overall communication skills. Who knows, you might pick the country’s accent too!

Mindmine Global provides the best IELTS coaching and other test preparation like PTE, TOEFL, SAT, GRE and GMAT as well. So, you get the complete 360-degree solution under one roof.

The conclusion of the above-said points can be summed up by saying that Studying Abroad gives you the option to experience the world as your learning room. Its emphasis on practical language instead of the same book and internet learning pattern, it steers a new landscape of culture, language and of course personal growth!

If you are looking to start your new life abroad, Mindmine Global can help you reach your dream destination.

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Where to Study Abroad ?

There are so many countries across the globe offering world-class universities, opening attractive possibilities for international students. The main problem arises in selecting an apt study abroad destination. How to select the right destination and study course for that ultimate career?

Here, Mindmine Global overseas education consultants would like to help you in finding your ‘perfect’ study abroad destination with our hands-on experts, university admissions, fees, scholarships, local culture and many more details…

Study in Canada

Canada is a leading overseas studies destination attracting students from around the globe. The country has been termed as an ‘education superpower’ because of its top-class education system, friendly student environment, and easy immigration system. The biggest aspect of studying in Canada is that there is the option for all age groups to study in this beautiful country, whether you are in high school or pursuing graduation there is something for everyone.

The students studying in Canada are often placed in big organizations. This also suggests that the country has good placement figures and career opportunities for graduates from Canadian Universities. Also, Canadian Schools are ranked amongst the top ten institutions in the world that results in many students applying to study in Canada. The students studying from Canadian Universities are almost wanted by the top recruiters of the world.

So, if you seeking to study in a student-friendly place with a plethora of academic options, then you should consider ‘CANADA’ as your perfect study abroad destination. Well, there are some key points for studying abroad in Canada:

  • It offers low cost of education
  • Many scholarship opportunities
  • Wide options of programs and courses
  • Premium education in world-class universities and institutions
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency Visa options
  • The sense of security and a peaceful environment
  • Picturesque country to live and work
  • Multiple work opportunities while studying
  • Gives priority to global values

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Study in Australia

The other most sought-after immigration destination for students alike looking for studying abroad options in the country that is urban and cool, ‘Australia’ comes in everyone’s mind. The country is famous for high placement figures and great career opportunities for graduates, post-graduates from Australian Universities.

Many students apply for Australian Universities as they are ranked in top university lists providing the best education system, infrastructure, teacher-student ratio, and placements. Well, let us look into some points that will help you decide why select Australia for studying abroad.

  • It offers world-class education
  • The universities are universally recognized
  • Different Course and programs to select
  • Part-time work right
  • Plentiful scholarship options
  • Provides post-study work rights
  • Great place to live and work

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Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a less populous country and so it requires students, immigrants and overseas skilled workers who can come and work in Kiwi Country. There are many study options to select from the world recognized universities of New Zealand. Nowadays, many students are applying for New Zealand Universities because of their easy admission policies.

Courses like IT, Culinary Arts (Chef), Computer Science, and Hotel Management etc are very famous in New Zealand. To give you more idea about why to select New Zealand for overseas education, see below key points.

  • World class education provided by NZ Universities and colleges
  • Low-cost admission
  • Safe and homely environment
  • Easy student visa requirements
  • Numerous Scholarships available
  • After study rights in New Zealand
  • Easy pathway for permanent residency
  • Many tourist hotspots in New Zealand
  • Gives the opportunity of earning while studying
  • A 3-year post-study work permit under new rules of New Zealand

Mindmine Global provides the best guidance about colleges and universities in New Zealand.
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Study in USA

The experience of studying at a top university in a foreign country is entirely different and non-comparable from the university at home country. The studying abroad will take you out of your comfort zone and if you love to follow the unconditional path then studying abroad in the US is definitely for you.

Though, it is often said that the US is an expensive country and difficult for Indian students who are concerned with the costing. Well, the good news is that you have the option to apply in the US with scholarships and other funding options that you might ask your education consultant.

Below mentioned are points that might help you in deciding why to study abroad in the US

  • A wide variety of colleges and universities offering world-class education
  • Recognized for its unique teaching methods
  • Home to world-class universities
  • Offers highest paying jobs
  • Safe and welcoming country
  • Beautiful country to visit with friends and family

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Study in Europe

Europe is not an only beautiful place to visit, travel and explore but it is equally famous for various study options it has to offer. The country famous for its rich culture and art is becoming a leading overseas destination especially for students due to its never-ending study options and friendly student culture.

Given the list mentions the top reasons for studying in Europe.

  • Culturally Expensive places boasting a mixture of modern and contemporary
  • One of the best to shape your career
  • You have the freedom to select the course as per your wish
  • People are helpful and friendly
  • Many scholarships are available
  • Home to the world-class technical education system

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Study in UK

The United Kingdom holds rich cultural heritage and an outstanding education system. Its strong influence on India is reflected in the modern Indian education system that places emphasis on delivering the course curriculum in English. A student who is eager to acquire quality education should apply for studying abroad in the UK. Still confused? Here are the top reasons for studying in The United Kingdom.

  • There are different course offerings
  • World-class educational facilities
  • Cultural driven surroundings
  • Renowned International Reputation
  • You may customize your degree
  • Affordable education cost
  • Plentiful Scholarships available

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First of all Mindmine Global considers education as a crucial aspect of a student’s life. We are more than overseas education consultants to our students who come to us to know about study abroad top universities and their visa process.

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Additionally, the job of overseas study counsellors of Mindmine Global doesn’t end here, they further assist in furnishing required documents along with other essential overseas education counsellor duties like:

  • Scholarship assistance
  • Visa Processing
  • English Language Assistance
  • Study Overseas Consultation
  • Pre-departure counselling
  • Post landing services (in some countries)

Therefore, at Mindmine Global we give students a complete knowledge of the Universities, their intakes, deadlines and academic requirements.
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Students who do study abroad are often amazed at how easy it was to put the whole thing together. To make it accessible, students and parents look up to us as a vital link.

So without waiting any further, take the first step; contact us for a free counselling session and we will be more than happy to assist you in making an informed decision.

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It is all easy and simple, all we are asking is to apply and rest will be taken- care by study overseas consultants, ‘Mindmine Global.’

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