Australian universities are among the top universities where international students seek admission. Because it is one of their preferred study-abroad destinations for further study in Australia. For more information on further study in Australia, read ahead.

Students get an unprecedented chance to upscale their academic life when they are looking to study in Australia. In the academic year 2022, Australia counted 5,27,529 international students studying, of whom 1,00,009 were Indians.

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Why Study in Australia?

The Australian education system is highly regarded, and this is just one of many reasons why students from around the world come here. Australia’s low tuition rates and the availability of 100,000+ scholarships to offset those costs are major draws. Other than this there are the following other reasons.

Every student is picky when choosing a course, especially if it involves moving to a foreign country. Each student has a unique reason for selecting Australia as a study destination. Several of them would be –

  • Australia’s educational system is widely regarded as among the best in the world.
  • Many Australian degree programs require or strongly recommend that students find work experience during their studies.
  • Through their respective job boards, all 38 universities in australia provide access to internship and full-time employment opportunities.
  • In Australia, international students are permitted to work more than 40 hours per fortnight part-time, and full-time work is permitted during school breaks.
  • Every six to seven months, Australia adds over 64 000 jobs to attract a new labor force. Thus, there are numerous employment opportunities for international students.

The immense benefits of studying in Australia for Indian students make Australia to be one of the best countries for Indian students to pursue their education. So, are you excited to study in Australia? Get in touch with Mindmine Global.

Top courses to study in Australia

You can pursue a variety of courses in Australia, including Higher Education, VET, Schools, English Language programs, and non-awarding courses, through the Australian education system. Compare and contrast these to see how they vary:

  • Higher Education: Traditional Bachelor’s and Master’s degree/certificate programs.
  • VET: These are joint government-industry programs that are available at TAFE and private institutions and enable students to work and learn alongside professionals in the field.
  • English language programs: Students looking to start their studies in Australia can enroll in preparatory language courses.
  • Foundation/Pathway Programs: Pre-university courses in foundation programs will prepare you for higher education. Making sure you are prepared to succeed in college in Australia.
  • Schools: Australia’s schools provide introductory academic courses for international students.

Some of the most common majors chosen by international students studying in Australia are:

  • Management, Commerce, and Business
  • Computing and Technology
  • Health
  • Engineering
  • Society and Culture
  • Natural and Physical Sciences.

These are some of the other courses in Australia that is useful to study in Australia for Indian students.


An accountant with less than around two years of experience can earn an average annual salary of about A$48,530, while those with two to four years of experience can earn an annual average wage of about A$55,137. Mid-level and experienced accountants with between five and twenty years of experience can expect to make between $67,700 and A$76,700 annually.

After completing an accounting degree, you can choose from a variety of career paths, including

    1. Accountant
    2. Financial Expert
    3. Credit Supervisor
    4. Investment Manager
    5. Payroll Supervisor
    6. Trust Officer

Agricultural Science

A Farm, Ranch, or other Agricultural Manager with less than four years of experience can anticipate earning an average annual salary of about $62,500. In contrast, more seasoned workers with ten or more years of experience can expect to earn an average annual salary of $67,000.

You will have a variety of career options after studying agricultural science, including

  1. The Farm manager
  2. Consultant in agriculture
  3. Geneticist
  4. Science of Soils


A mid-career architect makes an average annual salary of A$71,500, followed by experienced architects who can make up to A$ 85,700. An entry-level architect with less than around one year of experience can expect an average annual salary of around A$50,500. Early career architects with 1-4 years of experience can expect an average yearly wage of approximately A$62,000, while mid-career architects make an average annual salary of A$71,500.

After studying architecture, you can choose from a variety of career paths, including

  1. Architect
  2. Specialist in architectural models
  3. Visualizer in 3D
  4. Landscape Architect
  5. Design Advisor

Actuarial Science

This field uses statistics, good business judgment, and probability to estimate financial risk. To evaluate risk in insurance, economics, and other sectors and professions, actuarial science is the study that combines mathematics and statistics. They assess the likelihood of an event occurring and determine its financial impact on people, businesses, and organizations. Actuaries are individuals who have earned a degree in actuarial science.

After studying actuarial science, you can choose from several career paths, including

  1. Security Analyst
  2. Statistics for Insurance
  3. Organization Analyst
  4. Financial Analyst
  5. Analyst of data

A mid-career actuary makes an average annual salary of A$119,700, followed by experienced actuaries with A$114,400. An entry-level actuary with less than one year of experience can anticipate earning an average yearly wage of around A$71,200, early career actuaries with 1-4 years of experience can anticipate earning an average annual salary of about A$85,00, and experienced actuaries with A$114,400.


The average annual salary for an entry-level engineer graduate with less than one year of experience can range from A$60,333 to A$64,428; for early career engineers with 1-4 years of experience, it can range from A$70,696 to A$71,643, for mid-career engineers, it can range from A$86,041 to A$89,327, and for experienced engineers, it can range from A$103,920 to A$121,089.

Engineering programs provide both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with a variety of specialties. Several engineering courses cover fundamental areas like electrical, mechanical, civil, electronics, and chemistry. Mining, railway, and telecommunications streams are among those accessible for research.

Computer Science

An entry-level computer science graduate with less than a year of experience can anticipate earning an annual salary of approximately A$61,658, an early career graduate with 1-4 years of experience can anticipate earning a yearly salary of around A$73,439, mid-career graduates can expect to earn an annual salary of approximately A$89,087, and experienced architects can expect to earn up to A$98,864 annually.

You can choose from a variety of career paths after studying computer science, such as:

  1. Website Designer
  2. Analyst for databases
  3. Program Engineer
  4. Java Developer
  5. Analyst for cybersecurity

Tourism & Hospitality Management

The tourism and hospitality management industries have created about 1.4 million new jobs, increasing graduates’ chances of finding work after graduation.

You can choose from a variety of career paths after studying tourism and hospitality management, such as

  1. Event Coordinator
  2. Hotel Manager
  3. Restaurant Executive
  4. Catering Supervisor
  5. Manager of Food & Beverage

An entry-level tourism and hospitality management position can bring in an average yearly salary of A$55,053. At the same time, a young professional with 2-4 years of experience can expect an average annual wage of A$59,400. While the highest level positions can earn up to A$73,834, mid-level positions are paid A$67,00.

These were the top courses in Australia for international students. We hope you finally have the answer to why choose Australia to study.

Social Work

A lot of universities offer social work and associated courses to interested individuals. Candidates can specialize in disciplines such as Mental Health Practice, Community Services, Community Health, Human Services, etc. Undergraduate and Master’s level courses are available at numerous Australian universities.

There are established salary rates for social workers; however, a new social worker can make up to AUD 25000 per year, and an experienced social worker can earn up to UD 40000 per year.

Data Science

Are you considering studying Data Science abroad? In recent years, Data Science has been regarded as one of the most in-demand careers of the twenty-first century. Furthermore, work opportunities in this industry are expanding rapidly. Moreover, data scientists are in high demand in industries as diverse as health, manufacturing, ecology, and retail – and at a better salary than previously.

Australia is a fantastic place for students like you who want to be data scientists. According to a poll by the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), Data Scientists can earn up to AUD 200,000 annually. Furthermore, Australia has excellent opportunities for Data Scientists and Big Data Analytics professionals. Australian universities are well-known for their high-quality education and training and for business and government collaborations in the Data Science field.

Certain Australian universities allow students to work on an industry project, known as a capstone project. The goal is to provide hands-on instruction and practical experience in data analysis in real-world business circumstances. This guarantees that you can put your course-specific knowledge to use in a professional context.

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Top Colleges in Australia

University of Melbourne

The departments used to administer multiple academic programs are divided among Melbourne’s ten (10) faculties. The Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Melbourne School of Engineering, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, Melbourne Law School, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Veterinary & Agricultural Sciences, and Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning are among these faculties. If you are wondering “Is Australia good for Indian students” remember it has some of the best opportunities.

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney offers academic programs through eight (8) faculties and schools. Faculty of Business School, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Faculty of Science, Sydney School of Architecture, Design & Planning, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and Sydney Law School are some of these faculties and schools.

According to the 2021 QS World University Rankings, USYD is ranked 40th overall and second in Australia. Australia’s second-ranked university, Uni Sydney, is ranked 51st overall and second in Australia in the 2021 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. This is one of the best colleges in australia for international students

Australian National University

The foundation of ANU, which is divided into seven (7) colleges, is teaching and research. Different programs leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees are available to students at the university. This is one of the best colleges in Australia for international students.

The Australian National University is ranked first and 31st overall in the 2021 QS World University Rankings. Adhering to the 2021 Times Higher Education World University list Rankings, ANU is ranked 59th globally and second in Australia.

University of Queensland

Six faculties, a college, and a graduate school make up Queensland University’s organizational structure, supporting teaching and research. These faculties include business, economics, law, humanities and social sciences, engineering, architecture, and information technology, as well as medicine, health, behavioral sciences, and science.

Queensland University is ranked 46th worldwide in the 2021 QS World University Rankings. In the world, UQ was ranked 62nd in the 2021 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales is divided into six faculties: the UNSW Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture, the UNSW Faculty of Business, the UNSW Faculty of Engineering, the UNSW Faculty of Law & Justice, the UNSW Faculty of Medicine & Health, the UNSW Faculty of Science, and UNSW Canberra at ADFA.

These faculties provide programs leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees for students. The programs place a lot of emphasis on innovation and research. UNSW Sydney is currently ranked 44th globally and fourth in Australia in the 2021 QS World University Rankings. USNW is ranked 67th worldwide in the 2021 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Monash University

This University was first established in 1958 and is the second oldest institution in the Australian state of Victoria. It is also Australia’s largest university. The university was named after Sir John Monash, an engineer, military officer, and public administrator.

It is a member of the Group of Eight, comprised of Australia’s top eight research universities. Students can select from almost 6,000 courses offered by ten faculties, including art, design, architecture, arts, business and economics, education, engineering, information technology, law, medical, nursing and health sciences, pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, and science.

The university operates numerous campuses throughout Victoria and Australia and international campuses in Malaysia, Italy, India, and China. Monash University Library currently administers multiple libraries on all of its campuses in Victoria and around the world, housing over 3.2 million items. Musician Nick Cave, Booker Prize-winning novelist Peter Carey, and dramatist David Williamson are among the notable alums.

RMIT University

This University is aptly located in the heart of Melbourne, and is a major Australian public research institution. The university is well-known for emphasizing practical education that prepares students for the workforce. RMIT offers diverse degrees in areas including design, engineering, technology, health, business, and social sciences. Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Business (Accountancy), Bachelor of Information Technology, and Bachelor of Science are among the main degrees provided at RMIT (Biotechnology).

RMIT’s 70% acceptance rate makes it a fairly selective college. The university’s student body is varied, with students from over 100 nations studying on campus. RMIT’s academic staff are subject matter experts committed to providing students with a high-quality education.

RMIT graduates can expect a solid annual compensation, with an average starting salary of AUD 60,000 to AUD 80,000. This, however, varies by course and industry, with some graduates making substantially more. RMIT offers its students outstanding career assistance services, like internships, industry placements, and professional development programs.

Overall, RMIT is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality education that will prepare them for a successful career in their profession. The university’s strong emphasis on practical education, diverse student body, and excellent career assistance services place it among Australia’s top universities

Sl. No. Institution QS Ranking 2023 (Globally) QS Ranking 2022 (Globally)
1 The Australian National University 30 27
2 The University of Melbourne 33 37
3 The University of Sydney 41 38
4 The University of New South Wales 45 43
5 The University of Queensland 50 47

Financial Planning for Students

You will require enough money to pay for tuition, living expenses, and health insurance while studying in Australia. Before making a big decision it is very important to figure out the study in Australia cost.

Above all, Work on a “big picture” budget at this time that accounts for living expenses, transportation, room and board, and also tuition.

Education Loan to Study in Australia

Search 1,000 international student scholarships and awards. Use of this search engine is free so use it to know more about scholarships for Indian students to study in australia.

Worldwide Fellowships

One can also apply for a student loan to finance their education in Australia and scholarship funding. Financial aid is available for international students studying in Australia through both public and private banks. International students who are not offered scholarships for study in Australia should be prepared to demonstrate financial capability in various ways if they wish to obtain a student visa.

Students can get low-interest student loans to study abroad from a variety of public and private banks. Learn more about the differences between public and private education loan providers, the types of documentation needed, and other eligibility criteria by reading on!

Financial Assistance from Abroad

This page is devoted to international financial aid resources that offer guidance and information on all subjects.
There are many benefits of studying in Australia so put an end to your lookout now and consult us now!
You must also be aware of which Australia intake for the study you would choose- the November intake in Australia or the June intake Australia

Cost of Studying in Australia

The amount of money it takes to study in Australia depends largely on the major the student chooses. Studying in Australia can cost anywhere from A$300 per week to A$50,000 per year. The following is a rough estimate of the cost of higher education in Australia for international and Indian students, based on the level of study they intend to pursue

Level of Education in Australia Costs for Indian Students
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree INR 11.07 Lakhs -24.90 Lakhs
Postgraduate Master’s Degree INR 12.18 Lakhs -27.68 Lakhs
Doctoral Degree INR 9.96 Lakhs – 23.25 Lakhs
Vocational Education and Training (VET) INR 2.21 Lakhs – 12.18 Lakhs
English language courses INR 16,650 (per week)

*TAFE Institutes in Australia feature VET programs. These establishments stand apart from traditional Australian universities.

**In Australia, intensive English programs for international students are known as ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students).

Therefore, students should not equate the cost of living in Australia with the cost of studying there. The cost of living in Australia is not always included in tuition at Australian universities.

Cost of living in Australia

Both the Human Development Index 2022 and the Quality of Living Index 2022 place Australia in the top 10 of countries, indicating that it is among the best in the world in terms of gross domestic product, quality of education, and purchasing power parity. It has a high standard of living because of its high level of health awareness, medical system, and political stability.

When making your budget, keep in mind that you will likely have to pay for things like:

Living expenses Weekly budget (Indicative)
Groceries and eating out $140 to $280
Gas, electricity $10 to $20
Phone and Internet $15 to $30
Public transport $30 to $60
Car (after purchase) $150 to $260
Entertainment $80 to $150

Australian intakes for International students

Australia College Intakes are like semesters. Australian colleges and universities offer two significant intakes instead of a single intake from Indian universities. Australian university intakes can be referred to as a semester in some universities. Masters in Australia for Indian students is also available. Australia offers two inputs, which are as follows:

Semester 1: Begins in late February or early March and ends in late May or early June.

Semester 2: begins in late July or early August and runs through November.

Australia Study Visa Requirements

Here at Mindmine Global, we will assist you with the entire Australia study visa process. Higher studies in Australia will be a smooth thing with Mindmine Global.

Visa coverage for subclass 500

A subclass 500 visa in Australia costs AUD 710 (INR 39.180 approx.). With this visa, students can stay in Australia for up to five years, depending upon their course enrolment.

This visa enables you to –

  • Enroll in the university and program of study of your choice.
  • Bring your family with you to Australia.
  • To accompany the primary applicant, dependents may apply for a dependent visa.
  • Take advantage of a simple and efficient visa application process for all students.
  • You can apply for a visa through an online portal from within or outside of Australia.

Here is a well-delineated chart explaining the post-study work visa durations based on Australian qualifications and region of study

Study Region Locations (cities) Bachelors degree(with / without Honours) and masters by coursework Masters by Research Degree Doctoral Degree
Major Cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane 2 years 3 years 4 years
Cities and their major regional centers Perth, Adelaide Gold Coast Sunshine Coast, Canberra Newcastle/Lake Macquarie Wollongong/ Illawarra Geelong Hobart. 2 years + 1 year. 3 years + 1 year.
Regional centers and regional areas All other locations 2 years + 2 years 3 years + 2 years 4 years + 2 years.

Subclass 485 Visa:

The cost of subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa in Australia is AUD 680 (INR 36.680 approx.). Applicants with this visa can stay between two to four years.

In both cases, applicants are eligible to request a visa extension in Australia if the need may arise.

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How to show funds for Australian Student Visa?

As an international student, you must submit sufficient evidence of funds to pay your course fee, living expenses, travel expenses, and, if appropriate, your spouse or dependant’s living and travel expenses. You must maintain this flow of funds throughout your higher studies in Australia.

You have two alternatives for demonstrating your Australian student visa financial requirements:

Option 1:

You can show proof of finances to cover your course price, travel, and living expenses for a year. This covers the costs of any accompanying family members.

Option 2:

Provide proof of your annual income that fits the Government of Australia’s requirements for a student visa. This could be either your parents’ or your spouse’s income.

There are just a handful of approved ways to provide financial documentation for an Australian Student visa.

  • Deposit of funds from a financial institution (Bank Balance)
  • Financial institution loan.
  • a government loan
  • Any private or government scholarship or other financial assistance

Post-Study Work Permit in Australia

International students in Australia can extend their post-study work rights for up to two years. Graduates from an approved international university in Australia can apply for the Temporary Graduate 485 (subclass) visa. For a period of two to four years, students can study and work in Australia with this visa. The following rules or requirements must be met in order to be eligible for this PSW visa in Australia:

  • Students must be under 50 years old.
  • Candidates must have applied for and received their initial student visa on or after November 5, 2011, in order to qualify.
  • In addition, the applicant should have had the student visa for the six months prior to applying.

Students can bring their families with them to Australia on the Temporary Graduate 485 (subclass) visa for AUD 1.730, but a separate application is necessary.


Post-study work rights are extended for two years.

To boost the pipeline to skilled labor, the Australian government has already announced a two-year extension of the post-study work permit for international graduates with specified degrees in sectors of documented skills scarcity. The extension will go effective on July 1, 2023. This extension will provide qualifying overseas higher education graduates an extra two years.

Post-study work rights for certain degrees in sectors of documented skill shortages will be expanded beginning with:

  • Some bachelor’s degrees take two to four years to complete.
  • Some master’s degrees can take three to five years to complete.
  • All PhDs last four to six years.
  • The particular extension is in addition to the existing one to a two-year extension for qualifying students who wish to study, live, and work in specific regional areas.
  • Increase in the maximum number of permitted work hours beginning July 1, 2023,
  • The government has also stated that the part-time working hour cap for international students while studying would be raised from 40 to 48 hours per week beginning July 1, 2023.

Additional Work Rights

Regional cities in Australia are fantastic places to study, work, and live, providing a highly appealing combination of world-class university education and a tremendous lifestyle. While Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney are already popular, other significant cities, including Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Canberra, are becoming more appealing to international students. This may result in a more sustainable balance and more opportunities for everyone, as well as students taking advantage of school and employment options offered throughout Australia rather than competing in a confined location. There are numerous economic prospects throughout the country, and the new legislation will benefit international students in various ways.

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Australian higher education is divided between public and private institutions and is not state-funded. You must pay tuition as an international student, though public universities will charge you less than private universities. For the costs of studying in Australia, you can find more details about the tuition costs for Australian universities here.

To know more details to study in Australia, Contact Mindmine Global here, the top education consultants in India.

Yes. Australian universities have long welcomed international students. Since English is Australia’s official language, almost all courses in Australia are taught in the same language. To study in Australia, you must apply for a student visa, which typically entitles you to a maximum stay of five years. Australia is one of the best places for Indian students to study.

Your options for work and school will depend on where you are from. All students with subclass 500 visas are permitted to work 40 hours per two weeks during the school year and full-time during breaks. All year long, doctoral students are allowed to work full-time.

The most popular English language proficiency test accepted by almost all Australian institutions is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Globally, however, Australian educational institutions are willing to take other language proficiency exams like the TOEFL paper-based test, the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE), Cambridge English: Advanced, and the Occupational English Test (OET) (do check the official website of your preferred institution for the same).

Most universities in Australia provide on-campus housing options for international students, but you must apply separately and in advance to guarantee a spot.

Remember that rental prices vary from city to city. Refrain from expecting the homestay hosts to do everything for you which makes you feel like you are in your home country. and be sure to abide by the house rules, if any. Homestay hosts do not make much money from the money you pay; rather, it is primarily about their love for hosting foreign visitors.

Yes, given Australia’s high cost of living and fluctuating exchange rates, it can be quite expensive for Indian students. However, it provides high-quality instruction and a variety of experiences that can make the investment worthwhile.

The cost of education varies in Australia. While the cost of living and schooling may be high, the benefits may be worth it. Some students may find financial relief through scholarships or part-time employment.

The Australian government allowed international students to work 20 hours per week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during the academic year’s breaks. The average hourly wage is between $18 and $25 AUD.

As a general rule, yes. Australian universities widely accept the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as evidence of English language proficiency. However, some institutions might accept substitute exams like the TOEFL or grant exemptions based on previous English-language coursework. Always check specific university requirements.


Mindmine Global has made best possible efforts to provide authentic and relevant information to the prospective students. Students are however advised to cross-check the same through official colleges, universities or CIC website before making any decision.