Cost for Studying in New Zealand

Are you wondering and questioning yourself how to manage all educational expenses in New Zealand? Study in New Zealand Cost can be an expensive deal. But an efficient budget plan will help you manage your expenses perfectly.

Before leaving the home country, the student should think about the accommodation, health coverage, food and lastly the travel expenses. A student should also take into consideration the estimated cost of studying in New Zealand. When you think about your Study in New Zealand costs will depend upon a number of factors. Any New Zealand University is at par with any other world university.

Your Tuition Fee Is Your Primary Expenditure

The expenditure on the tuition fee will depend upon the type of qualification and university or school the student selects.

There are many Universities and Colleges in New Zealand with high rankings with their own fee structures. To cover the tuition fees, an international student will need a sum between 22000 New Zealand Dollars and 35000 New Zealand Dollars per year.

The fact is that courses for the humanities, education, and art are much cheaper and subjects such as MBBS and engineering are more high-priced. If the student wishes to study for the post-graduate level, then the tuition fees will go higher and the costs will vary.

As in the case of any other countries, the MBA programs in most of the cases are really expensive! The average costs for these kinds of programs come around 40000 New Zealand Dollars.

Study in New Zealand MBA cost

New Zealand offers a flexible higher education system and has options to suit every budget. The cost of studying and living is very moderate throughout New Zealand and is teamed with an excellent work-life balance. The country provides a high quality of life.

MBA tuition fees for international students will vary and depends on the type of the entire course. The tuition fees for most of the institutes range from 26, 000 NZD to 37, 000 NZD.

Students from other countries have to prove that they have at least 15, 000 NZD to provide support for themselves for the first year. If you are planning to study an MBA for more than a year, then you have to shell out at least 1, 250 NZD for each month.

Study in New Zealand cost for foreign students?

To pursue a career in New Zealand, you have to secure a valid student visa permit and it comes with its own costs. The approximate cost of a student visa application is 270 New Zealand Dollars. A student should also consider some common expenses while deciding on the budget:

  • Communication Expenses- You will frequently call your friends and family back home. It is advised to keep a small budget for the phone bills and data expenses. You can also look for cost-effective calling plans and student discounts to stay connected with loved ones.
  • Supplies and Books- Purchasing textbooks will get a bit expensive. For example, books for the engineering purpose or law, medicine or pharmacy can be pricey. The student can effectively manage these issues by opting for second-hand books. Buying the digital versions of academic books or even securing a library membership will ease out the financial burden from your shoulders.
  • Individual Expenses and Incidentals- The daily expenses of a student will include things like laundry, toiletries, dining, clothing, etc. This will depend on the kind of lifestyle an individual leads. Doing a part or full-time job is advised. In fact, many international students in New Zealand are earning a great living working as part or full-time workers.

You Should Consider Health Support And Insurance as it is compulsory for new students.

Many schools and colleges in New Zealand have initiated inclusive health insurance plans for students from abroad, but that is applicable in select cases.

Few colleges in the country may not offer any insurance, that’s the way the student needs to arrange for private medical insurance. The average cost for the insurance ranges between 200 New Zealand Dollars to 700 New Zealand Dollars annually.

The Transportation factor: Unless your institute provides you with a shuttle service to and fro your lodging, you will have to rely on the available public transport.

For Short Distances, the student can make use of the regional trains, buses and the subways. This will range anywhere between 120 New Zealand Dollars to 250 New Zealand Dollars per month. It will be a good idea if you provide yourself with a monthly pass for travelling to college and back as these can be fairly cheap.

You Should Not Ignore Your Taxes. Yes! Especially if you are an Indian student in New Zealand, you can’t work without getting their Inland Revenue Department Number, simply known as IRDN. Once acquired, you can work 20 hours per week during your academic sessions and full time during your vacations. If a student chooses to work along with studies, then his or her earned income is taxable. You can easily work up to 20 hours and use the extra time to revise your class works.

If you are a student, you should remember that exchange rate variations may also affect your overall budgeting and future expenditure. It is advised that the student should also do a part-time job while continuing the studies in New Zealand or ask for scholarship in the universities applied in. These steps will lower the cost of studying abroad to a great extent.

Cost of postgraduate study in New Zealand

This is an approximate data for the postgraduate studies are presented. In no way do we claim that an institution will charge the exact fee mentioned for the selected course. Approximate annual postgraduate fees for international students are as follows:

2019 Fees (approx)

Architecture- 41,167 NZD

Arts- 33,688 NZD

Business and Economics- 35,372 NZD

Business Masters Programmes- NA

2020 Fees (approx)

Architecture- 42,814 NZD

Arts- 35,035 NZD

Business and Economics- 35,035 NZD

Business Masters Programmes- NA

Dance Studies- 42,814 NZD

Engineering- 52,630 NZD

Fine Arts- 41,167 NZD

Law- 37,140 NZD

Cost of studying in New Zealand in Indian Rupee

The tuition fees to study in the country of New Zealand ranges from 20000 New Zealand Dollars to 75000 New Zealand Dollars. This in Indian Rupees comes to INR 9,75,000 to INR 35,00,000

The cost of living is on the higher side and ranges from 20000 NZD to 25000 NSD. This in Indian Rupees comes to INR 9,75,000 to INR 12,00,000.

The Visa fee for the Indian students comes to an approximate sum of INR 14, 600.

Cost of studying medicine in New Zealand

This country offers top-quality medical schools along with more opportunities for further studies.

As a medical student in New Zealand, you can find countless opportunities spread throughout the entire nation. A student of medicine will enjoy the perfect and balanced healthy lifestyle and the opportunity for professional development across a huge range of specialities in New Zealand. Many international students have successfully made a mark for themselves as medical students pursuing a career. The University of Otago is a great choice.

A fee for the competitive entry year ranges more or less 30000 NZD, Pre-Clinical year is around 70000 NZD, Clinical years ranges around 80000 NZD.


New Zealand has successfully created a mark for itself on a global scale as one of the leading destinations for international students. Do your best as a student!