Do you intend to attend college in the USA?

Prepare to set out on a thrilling journey that offers countless opportunities. But how? All you need is some support from the best educational consultants. The United States offers a top-notch educational system and a rich cultural milieu that can significantly influence your future. Read on to find out how educational consultants can help you in this journey.

There are prestigious universities in the USA known for their academic brilliance. Worldwide reputations for their demanding curricula and cutting-edge research opportunities can be attributed to institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. Numerous programs and courses are available to support you in pursuing your interests and achieving your academic objectives, whether you have a passion for business, technology, the arts, or the sciences. There are several benefits of studying in usa for Indian students. Many Indian students prefer studying overseas for their Masters or postgraduation.

So, if you’re prepared to advance your education, think about going to school in the USA. Investigate the many course offerings, accept the multicultural setting, and open up a world of opportunities that can influence your future success. We understand it is difficult to do alone, so you will need help from the best educational consultants in Delhi.

Why Choose Mindmine Global Educational Consultants for USA Study Visa?

  1. We examine student credentials to determine eligibility.
  2. We are updated with the current scene regarding the most recent USA Study Visa Requirements.
  3. We concentrate on supplying the top colleges and universities based on the student’s profile and
  4. Assisting with visa application form completion and document preparation.
  5. Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation, and Resume Editing
  6. Certified instructors offer English Language Test (IELTS) and PTE instruction.
  7. Advice for US Scholarships Pre-departure support

Still concerned about your student visa application? Mindmine Global’s knowledgeable support is available with a single
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Affordable Study in the USA With the Help of Educational Consultants

The United States is famous for its strong education system and has many exciting opportunities for studying and researching. Studying in the USA is awesome! You’ll get a top-notch education and many resources and meet people worldwide. It’s a great way to prepare for a bright future! If you are from Delhi and searching for “education consultants near me,” Mindmine Global is the right one to consult. We are educational consultants in Delhi who can help you with everything you need to study in the US.

If you are still not convinced, here are more reasons to choose the USA as your top choice –

  1. The USA is famous for its amazing universities and colleges that provide outstanding education and innovative programs.
  2. The USA offers various study fields and programs, from business and engineering to arts and sciences. This allows students to explore different interests and career paths.
  3. Studying in the USA can unlock many career opportunities and connections, giving young professionals a head start in their successful careers.
  4. Immerse yourself in a vibrant community that celebrates different cultures, helping young students grow personally and understand each other better.
  5. The USA is a place where amazing ideas are born and explored. It has top-notch facilities and chances to collaborate with brilliant minds in different areas.

Wondering how to study MBBS in USA? Contact the education consultants in delhi at Mindmine Global to learn more about how to study in USA from India.

Admissions Procedure to Study in the USA – A Complete Guide by Educational Consultants

If you are looking for “education consultancy near me,” Mindmine Global is the right platform to help you with
everything. Being Delhi’s best overseas education consultants, you can completely rely on us for everything. Whether you
want to study MBA in USA, study MBBS in USA, study Bsc nursing in USA, study dentistry in USA or study medicine in USA,
Mindmine Global’s educational consultants will provide you with full support.

Our education consultants in delhi have devised this checklist of what you need to do to apply to a university in the United States successfully: Choose the course of your choice. Make a shortlist of colleges and universities based on your test results and overall profile. Get in touch with the chosen institutions and universities. Verify the prerequisites and eligibility for admission. Take the necessary exams. There are several exams to study in USA. You need to find the best one as per your requirement. Get your LORs and SOPs ready. Complete the college application. Await the colleges’ letters of admission. Deposit the college fee. Apply for a visa. If you are still confused about how to study in usa from India or how to study agriculture in the US, you should get some expert advice. We will help you apply to study overseas.

Visa Requirements for Studying in the USA

A student visa is the most important document to acquire to study in the United States. As study overseas consultants,
we will guide you about all sorts of visas and how they can help you. Students often look for post-study work visa USA.
Our education consultants in Delhi also provide full support in getting this done.

There are numerous varieties of visas to choose from. F-1 student visas, J-exchange visas, and M-student visas.

This is what our education consultants in Delhi will help us decide.

F-1 Student Visa

If you choose to study English at an English language institute or at a college or university in the United States that is recognized as having a high level of academic excellence, you will need this.

J-Exchange Visa 

You need to consider this if you want to participate in a student exchange program while you are in high school or university. Study in usa consultants usually helps students understand everything about these visas. If you want to study in usa after the 12th from India, there are certain things that you will have to follow.

M-Student Visa

In the United States of America, non-academic or vocational study cannot proceed without it. Even the visa for higher studies in USA is different compared to others.

USA Student Visa 2023: Documents Needed

If you do your paperwork carefully and on time, applying for and getting a US student visa will be easier.

So, here is a list of the papers you’ll need for your US student visa application. These are some of us study visa requirements you must fulfill. Educational consultants will always guide you through processes involving documentation and other tasks.

  1. A current passport will still be good for at least six months after you leave the United States.
  2. Your acceptance at a school on the SEVP list
  3. Your I-20 form
  4. Payment of the SEVIS filing fee.
  5. The application for a non-immigrant visa and the approval page for Form DS-160
  6. Your photo is in the style that was asked for by individual colleges.
  7. Academic papers like transcripts, diplomas, degrees, and certificates
  8. Proof that you have enough money to cover your living costs in the United States. These papers
    will include bank statements, a cash promise from your sponsor, and information about your scholarship.

You must also prove that you will leave the country after your studies. You may also have to go to the US embassy or
consulate for a physical interview.

Best Cities for Students in the USA

New York:

You can feel New York City’s lively energy while studying at famous universities like Columbia and New York. Immerse
yourself in a place with many different cultures, visit famous landmarks, and enjoy the arts and culture scene. New York
is a great place to grow your career because there are many jobs and internships. Remember that the cost of living can
be higher in this busy city. You can easily choose higher studies in usa for Indian students. All you need is some
expert assistance with the application procedure.


Boston is home to some of the best universities in the world, like Harvard and MIT, so it’s a great place to learn and grow. Learn about the city’s long past, walk along the beautiful Charles River, and hang out with the students. Boston has a lot of job possibilities, especially in the areas of technology and health care. Even though living costs can be high, the city is a good choice for students because it has many tools and a lively atmosphere. Whether you want to study master’s in the USA or something else, Mindmine Global will always be there until you are admitted.


Explore the lively city of Chicago, known for its beautiful buildings and bustling arts scene. You can study at well-known schools like the University of Chicago and Northwestern University and live in a place with much to offer. You can visit museums that are known worldwide, go to fun music events, and choose from a wide range of job opportunities. The cost of living in Chicago is lower than in other big towns. Getting a study visa usa from India is nothing difficult if you get expert guidance from educational consultants. We will provide you with a list of the best places in the USA to study.

San Francisco

Find out what makes San Francisco, home to top universities like Stanford and UC Berkeley, a place of innovation and entrepreneurship. Explore the world of technology and start-ups while taking in the city’s beautiful scenery. Accept the city’s modern culture, explore its lively neighborhoods, and take advantage of the many internship and job possibilities. Remember that living costs can be high in San Francisco, so it’s important to budget carefully. You should consult educational consultants if you are willing to get admission to some of the top colleges.

Los Angeles

Follow your dreams in Los Angeles, the entertainment center where creativity and education meet. Study at well-known schools like the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and enjoy the glitz of Hollywood and the sun on the city’s beaches. Participate in the lively arts and culture scene and explore different job options. It’s important to remember that living costs can be pretty high in Los Angeles.

The Cost of Education in the USA – Breakup by Educational Consultants

The cost of attending a certain school or university in the United States depends on where the student lives. The main parts of the cost of school are tuition fees and the cost of living. educational consultants will provide you with a complete breakup of how much it costs to study in usa from India.

Tuition and Fees for International Students in the US

The cost of tuition in the USA will depend on the school you choose and the class you enroll in. If you can go to a state college in the United States, you will save a lot of money. Private universities in the US, on the other hand, charge more for tuition than state universities.

Degree type Avg. tuition and fees per year
Bachelor’s Degree $10,000–$45,000
Master’s Degree $15,000–$65,000
Doctorate Degree $15,000 -$70,000

Costs of Living in the US for Foreign Students

Again, foreign students’ cost of living in the United States will depend on how they choose to live. If you don’t have much money, you must choose college housing. There are also some costs that you just can’t escape. Here is a rundown of how much it usually costs for international students to live in the USA:

Criteria Avg. living cost per year
Apartment housing, including utilities $12,000–$15,000
Books and supplies $13,000–$14,000
Food $8,000–$10,000
Dormitory housing $7,000 -$12,000
Transportation $2,000 -$4,000
Miscellaneous $1,000–$2,000
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So what are the requirements to study in USA?

  • Sufficient Financial Resources:

You have to show that you have enough money to pay for tuition and living costs for the length of the program you want to do. USA study visa consultants can help figure out the expenses involved.

  • English Proficiency: 

Most universities require international students to get a certain score on tests like the IELTS or TOEFL to show they can speak and understand English. Depending on the university and program, the scores you need to get may be different.

  • Educational Background:

You need proof of your education by giving us your transcripts and a high school diploma (or something similar). You must also send transcripts and a degree certificate from your previous university for graduate programs. If you want to find out how to get a scholarship to study in USA, educational consultants can be of your help.

  • Letters of Recommendation:

Universities often ask for letters of recommendation from teachers or professors who can give an honest opinion of your academic skills and potential.

  • Personal Statement:

You must write a mission statement or personal statement about your academic and career goals, why you want to study in the United States, and how the program you are applying to fits your goals.

In the USA, there are numerous degree options available for international students. In fact there are scholarship to study in usa for Indian students. Some of the common degree options include:

  • Undergraduate Degrees:

You can easily study in usa after the 12th. Most of these take four years and lead to a Bachelor’s degree. You can choose from many fields, such as business administration, engineering, computer science, arts, sciences, humanities, and more.

  • Graduate Degrees:

After getting your bachelor’s degree, you can get a master’s or professional degree in a specialized field. Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science (MS), Master of Engineering (MEng), Master of Arts (MA), and other degrees are popular among international students. You can even study MS in USA.

  • Ph.D. Degrees:

You can get a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) if you are very interested in research and want to contribute to academia or work in research. Ph.D. programs usually involve a lot of research and require you to write a dissertation.

  • Specialized Degrees:

In the U.S., you can get several professional degrees specific to certain fields. Doctor of Medicine (MD) is for people who want to become doctors. Juris Doctor (JD) is for people who want to become lawyers. A Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) is for people who want to become pharmacists, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) is for people who want to become dentists.

  • Dual Degrees and Joint Programs:

Many universities in the USA offer dual degrees or joint programs, allowing students to earn two degrees simultaneously or combine disciplines. For example, you can pursue a dual degree in Business Administration and Engineering or combine Law and Public Health.

You must follow these general steps to apply for an American student visa to study in the USA. The right educational consultants will help you guide through the process.

  • Obtain an Acceptance Letter: 

First, you must apply to a school in the U.S. Once you have been accepted; you will get an acceptance letter, which you will need to get a visa.

  • Pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee: 

The next step is to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee. SEVIS stands for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.

  • Complete the Online Application Form: 

Fill out the online application for a nonimmigrant visa, the DS-160 form. You will get a confirmation page with a barcode to print and bring to the visa interview.

  • Schedule a Visa Interview: 

You can make an appointment for a visa interview by going to the website of the U.S. embassy.

  • Prepare Required Documents: 

Get together the documents you need for your visa interview. Most of the time, these are passports, acceptance letters, SEVIS fee receipts, financial documents, academic documents, and photographs.

  • Attend the Visa Interview: 

Arrive at the embassy or consulate on the day of your visa interview. Be ready to answer questions about where you went to school, what you plan to do in the U.S., and how much money you have. Be sure to get the entire support of the educational consultants during your application process.

Costs associated with higher education in the United States can vary widely depending on a student’s preferences regarding the institution, major, location, and extracurricular activities. You should figure out the expenses before you decide to study in USA.

Here are some of the main expenses to consider:

  • Tuition and Fees:

The cost of tuition and fees varies widely among institutions and programs. Public universities typically have different tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students, with higher out-of-state tuition. On average, tuition and fees can range from $20,000 to $60,000 annually. Private universities often have higher tuition costs.

  • Living Expenses:

You must set aside monthly money to cover basic needs like housing, food, transportation, utilities, and entertainment. Living expenses differ for everyone because of location and way of life differences. Budget between $1 000 and $2 000 monthly, on average. Living costs are typically higher in major cities than in smaller towns or suburbs.

  • Supplies and Textbooks:

Consider how much money you will need to spend on school supplies, books, and other necessities. Depending on your major, you may need to spend anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars on books and other course materials each semester.

  • Health Insurance:

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement at most U.S. universities for international students. Health insurance premiums can range widely from one provider and level of coverage to another. International students can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars annually for health insurance.

Mindmine Global, a highly regarded educational consulting firm, offers students full service throughout the entire process of applying to universities in the United States.

Among the many things they provide are:

  • College and Program Selection:

Mindmine Global’s educational consultants are the best educational consultant to help you find the best educational fit for your unique skills, interests, and professional aspirations. They have in-depth knowledge of various universities and can guide you to help you make informed choices.

  • Personal Statement Review:

our educational consultants can review your purpose or personal statement and provide feedback. They can help you craft a compelling statement that effectively communicates your academic and career goals, highlighting your strengths and aspirations.

  • Exam Preparation:

Our educational consultants offers preparation courses for standardized exams such as the TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, and SAT. They provide resources, study materials, and practice tests to help you improve your scores and increase your chances of admission to your desired university.

  • Visa Application Assistance:

Mindmine Global’s educational consultants can guide you through the paperwork required for your visa application. They will help you understand the visa requirements, complete the necessary forms, and ensure you have all the required documents.

  • Interview Preparation:

Mindmine Global’s educational consultants can provide interview preparation sessions to help you confidently face the visa interview at the American embassy or consulate. They can conduct mock interviews, offer guidance on effectively presenting yourself, and provide tips to succeed.

  • Direction and Advice:

Mindmine Global’s educational consultants offer general guidance and advice throughout the application process. They can provide insights on the overall timeline, required documentation, financial planning, and any other concerns or queries you may have before departing for the USA.