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We at Mindmine Global are aware of the techniques that are useful for the student’s growth. Listening and mimicking the right pronunciation is one of the popular methods that we have adopted. Our highly trained professionals are well versed with global accents, and our training comes handy not only to those who wish to sound refined but also to those who want to go abroad. 

Several higher education requirements include the need to undertake an English proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL, OET etc. These English proficiency tests have four mandatory sections, one of which tests your listening abilities. In the listening test, the test giver must be heard to a series of conversations with people communicating in different accents.

 The accent and voice training at Mindmine Global prepares the students to comprehend various accents and answer the test successfully. Our training enables a student to speak articulately in a globally understood accent by polishing their speaking skills.

Best Voice and Accent Training in Delhi

While communicating, speaking correctly is imperative. It will enable you to convey your thoughts and ideas with ease. To avoid any doubts while conversing, accent training courses are essential. If you are looking to sound polished with an accent that is understood easily, you have come to the right place. Mindmine Global assists you to speak English with the proper pronunciation. Learning English and the right way to speak it allows the speech to be interpreted clearly. 

With travel and international corporates at the rise, one must be able to decipher the conversation and speak in a globally comprehended accent. A neutral accent allows the listeners to understand the words and gives way to a good discussion. It is also imperative for those who wish to go abroad to be familiarised with globally spoken accents. 

One will also encounter the use of these accents in an English proficiency test as well, like IELTS, TOEFL and OET during the listening tests. Whether you need to excel at the English proficiency tests or simply wants to be articulate, the voice and accent training classes at Mindmine Global can help you reach this goal

Importance of English Language in India
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Voice and Accent Training Certification in Delhi

It is essential to get familiar with the English Language as it is used globally. It allows the person to communicate in a social and corporate atmosphere. With a large population speaking English within our country, being acquainted with the language has become imperative.  To communicate effectively, one must be able to speak the language fluently. Spoken English can be enhanced by reading and getting familiar with new words. Adding to one’s vocabulary makes one more educated and articulate. It is essential to know the proper pronunciations of the words we learn. Though the accents may differ, the correct pronunciation of the word remains the same.

Your voice and accent will depend on the language training you receive. If one is not familiar with the language, the accents and voice used while teaching becomes their guidelines. We at Mindmine Global understand the influence that a tutor has on the students. 

The teaching methods used at MindMine Global allows the student to enhance their English skills perfectly. We impress upon the accurate pronunciation of the words as it makes communication easier. When we speak, the aim is to convey a message that can be comprehended by the listeners. For a conversation to continue, both the speaker and listener must understand the spoken words.

Voice and Accent Training in Delhi NCR

Communication skills are essential in one’s social and professional environment. It allows a flow of information to take place. Most office spaces in India communicate in English. It is considered as the unofficial language in a corporate environment. Many companies have clients outside the country. 

While working for a multinational company, employees might have to be in contact with colleagues residing in other countries. When speaking to native English speakers, people can get flustered. It can also be difficult to understand people with a British accent or an American accent. An accent is acquired according to the place one resides in, and it creates an influence on the person by the voices they hear.

There are two kinds of accents – foreign accents and native accents. When a person is learning a new language, their voice and pronunciations get influenced by their mother tongue. A native language is something a person is most familiar with and converses using it regularly. The first language is the foundation for learning any new language. It’s the key to translating the words from the native language to a foreign language. The first language creates a significant impact on one’s accent and voice. A foreign language like English is vital to learn and can be a daunting process. We at Mindmine Global are here to help you overcome the fear of learning a new language by enabling you to excel at accurate communication.

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English Voice and Accent Training

One must have noticed certain signs by words in the dictionary. The signs are called phonetics and help in the pronunciation of the words. The pronunciations are for both British and American English. The guidelines to comprehending these signs are given in the index of the dictionary.

 Deciphering the pronunciation with the signs can be difficult, we at Mindmine Global assist you with this process. With our teaching methods, we teach the right knowledge needed for correct spoken English. Getting familiar with phonetics allows one to speak English in a manner that is understood by everyone.

Several people notice a strong mother tongue influence while they talk in English, making one lack confidence in spoken English. With globalization, the interaction with residents of other nations has made it paramount to speak English in a global accent. Accent neutralization taught at Mindmine Global paves a path to better understanding during a conversation. Being able to articulate the words properly builds one’s confidence to speak. 

Why is it Important to Perfect Your Voice and English Accent?

Spoken English is vital in a corporate environment, where they mandate the knowledge of the language. Appropriate communication is the key to success in a workspace. Mindmine Global’s training for voice and global accent uses techniques that practice speech impressing on the proper enunciations. 

With verbal exercise rehearsed, the students work on their spoken skills during the classes. People who find it inconvenient to make to class, they can opt to learn via the online courses available. While listening to the correct voice and pronunciation used by our tutors, the students gradually lose the influence of their mother tongue language. There are several words in the English language that are spelt the same but have different meanings. 

The only way to differentiate words is pronunciation. For example, the word contest has two different meanings. It is essential to stress the right syllables to produce accurate sound.

Contest – if the first syllables are stressed upon, then the word means a competition. If the second syllables are emphasized upon, then the word means to oppose. The word present similarly has two different meanings based on pronunciation. Impressing on the correct syllables and using the appropriate pronunciation is the way to speak correctly. 

british council ielts coaching fees in Delhi
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British Council IELTS Coaching Fees in Delhi

Every student has a different requirement of IELTS coaching. Some are highly proficient and need minimum guidance while others may need to build up from the basics.

Based on your requirement we create a customised program and our IELTS coaching fees is calculated.

The faculty at Mindmine Global is certified by British Council and IDP. So we follow a process to first conduct a Free Mock Test of the candidate thereafter and we provide detailed feedback.

The candidate understands the requirements of the IELTS test and the faculty understands the current proficiency level of the candidate and suggest the number of sessions required by him.

The IELTS coaching fee is then accordingly decided as per the services to be provided, basis the proficiency level. It may range from INR 5000 to 20000 on a case to case basis.

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Voice and Accent Training Exercises

To have communicative competence, one should be able to speak fluently and articulate with ease. With the ability to speak in a neutral accent instils the speak with confidence aiding one in the ability to public speaking. Intonation is another vital part of voice training for comprehensive communication skills. 

It impresses on the tone, pitch and emphasizes the expressive meanings. Similar to different languages, intonation is important during a speech to distinguish the various meanings of a sentence. Intonation assists in a correct grammatical format in spoken English. While speaking, punctuations are not apparent. This is where one’s tone is important to convey their message. For example, the sentence “Your name is Tom” and “Your name is Tom?” can only be distinguished with the proper tone.

Best Voice and Accent Training Institute in Delhi

Enhancing your communication skills opens doors to several opportunities. It enables one to have a comprehensive conversation and accurately describe ideas and convey messages. Speaking in an accent that is free from the influence of one’s mother tongue makes one sound more refined and their words understood clearly. A neutral accent is beneficial in verbal conversations in a social and corporate atmosphere. 

Accents are developed by the voice we hear, and the surroundings play a vital role. Therefore, many countries have their accents. The English accent is heard in England, but within the country itself, there are several variations in the accent and voices. The difference in tones and accents are attributed to the sounds they hear in the area if a person is exposed to a certain kind of pronunciations and accents; it sticks with them.

One of the critical techniques used while learning accents and pronunciations is a phoneme. A phoneme is the unit of sound that is used to distinguish between different words. While going on with verbal exercises, we at Mindmine Global use this technique to help the students read similar sounding words that are spelt differently. 

The students can identify the proper phonetic pronunciations when they read the word. While studying with other students as well, one can benefit as they hear the same word pronounced in another voice, allowing them to introspect what their accent may sound.