What is a good SAT score? This is the most obvious question asked by the candidate, and in some cases, their educational counselors alike. And the answer is not definite, as the term “good”, in reference to the SAT scores, is fully relative. Some colleges even have their own cut-offs, so scoring in the high does not guarantee admission.

The choice of colleges or the educational institutions shall be the deciding factor for the student, and he or she should prepare accordingly for the test.

What Is the SAT?

To pursue their subject of interest and enter into one of the best colleges of the UK and US. The students are needed to take one of the two prevalent standardized tests for admission into colleges. This test is known as the standardized admission test or SAT.

The other test is known as the ACT, which is also a permitted test for applying into colleges. The SAT is undertaken by the College Board. A non-profit organization that also governs the PSAT and the AP (Advanced Placement) program. It was first administered in 1926, and by the 1940s, it had already become the regular test for the high school students wishing to pursue their studies in the US and UK.

How is SAT scored?

Earlier, SAT was scored on a 2400 point scale. This is the sum of the total points on the topics of the test, namely, reading, math, and writing. The lowest test scores you can get are 200 and the highest point to score was 800 on each of the topics.

The total score obtained by a candidate on each subject is calculated by the number of questions the student has answered correctly. After 1/4th of the marks of the questions, he or she has answered incorrectly is subtracted.

The aggregate score is then converted by a procedure called equating by the governing body. Which is calculated considering the years of the exam data rather than the numbers of a specific taste of a specific candidate. After 2016, the SAT scoring pattern changed according to the introduction of the new test system.

Now, the test is scored on two topics; one is mathematics, and the other is the combined reading and writing score called evidence-based reading and writing (EBRW). Keeping the score range from 200 to 800, the marks that can be obtained by the student is found to be 400-1600.

According to recent statistics, the SAT scores follow a normal distribution. Which means that the marks obtained by the students tend to cluster around the 1000 mark. the average sat score between the minimum of 400 and the maximum of 1600.

The number of test-takers whose scores are found at the opposite ends of the scale tends to be very less. On both the cases, the total score, as well as the individual scores on each of the subjects, are given separately.

is 1410 a good sat score

How would you judge your score?

Whatever may be the system; the scores are converted and given as the percentile ranking. Which essentially means the percentages of students you scored better than. For example, if you are placed in the 60th percentile, it means you are above the 60% student who sat on the test on that particular topic.

Similarly, if you are found to be in the 99th percentile. That means you have scored better than the 99% of the candidates who have given the exam, and that is a good score indeed. Therefore, you should aim higher always. So that you can manage somehow if the scores are not up to the expectation.

Generally, the average of the scores stands out between the marks of 1000, the midpoint of the maximum and minimum of the SAT score ranges.

Let’s take an arbitrary score, say 1070, which is somewhat meaningful as the true average of any test with the aforementioned marks profile. So, if you score higher than 1070, then it means that you have already scored better than the average.

The more you score, the better your prospects become. If you have higher scores than 1250, then you should be placed in the 81 st percentile. Which is the place where the top fifth of the test-givers are, and that is a good score. 1350 will clinch you the place of the top 9%, which is better.

Anything more than 1500 will place you in the 99th percentile. That is the most coveted position for someone interested in a top-class college. Likewise, anything below 1070 is below average and a sure marker for improving your score.

For example, if you score a 950, which is situated in the 31st percentile, gets you a place in the bottom third of test givers. And anything below 900, which lies in the 23rd percentile, places you in the bottom fourth rung. Not so great if you had your hopes set up high.

Students scoring lower than the cut-off will be counted as non-eligible for admission. Also, very few candidates fare well on ERBW than in math. That is evident from the statistic that scoring a 750 on ERBW will place you among the top 1% of candidates. Whereas the same math the score will fetch you a 96th percentile, which has 3% more of top students in the same position.

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What is a good SAT score for Ivy League?

Again that depends on the school you wish to join. For Ivy League schools like Brown University, Cornell University, Harvard or Princeton, the SAT scores are not the most important. The admissions decisions office may not even glance at your near-perfect SAT score if the other areas of your application are weak.

These schools require their selections to show an SAT score well above-average, a captivating essay, participation in the relevant extracurricular activities. And glowing letters of recommendation from verifiable and appropriate sources in their college application. Even a little lower SAT score than the others could be locked away if you can show some amazing talent at any particular area.

So, if somehow you fail to get in, despite having the required SAT score; there is no reason to get disheartened. The selection procedure of these selective schools is so all-inclusive. That many students with perfect SAT score fail to get in. Still, if you think you can crack the firewall. Try to apply in the early decision or early action the program. Which shows your interest in the admission committee and increases your chance of getting in.

What happens if the SAT score is not as expected?

The first thing is it does not become the end of the world. The SAT score is not the only thing that the colleges require to admit their students. As discussed earlier, even the ivy league